Weekly Round-Up (More Epic Than a Memo Banning Internet Slang)

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Welcome back to the Round-Up!

Hey adults, just when you thought it was safe to derp and lulz all over the internet– think again. One of the more popular news websites known for using ‘internet slang’ is calling such writing immature, and may be changing its voice. Will others follow suit?

All that and more in this week’s round up, so saddle up. It’s go time.

In Content Marketing News:

What’s The Hidden Gem Marketers Aren’t Utilizing? Hint: it’s a 3-word phrase, starts with an L, ends with a T… (If you said  “long-form content” you are correct!) So take note WA blog writers–we may be requesting a 2,000+ word post in the near future.

In Social Media News:

122-year-old GE is killing it on social media. This article on Entrepreneur.com discusses the Shorty Awards (honoring the best of social media) which were presented on Monday. GE was nominated for Best Fortune 500 Brand on Social Media, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. (Spoiler alert- they took home best Vine). Obviously, this is no longer your great-great-grandmother’s General Electric.

In Freelance News:

Lifehacker would like to remind you that YOU are your most important client, and should therefore treat yourself as well as you do the client that actually pays you the most. Start doing these one-hour routines to take your freelancing to new heights.

And In Internet Slang News:

In a massively epic memo last week, Gawker‘s editor banned ‘internet slang’ from the site.  Among other online vernacular, writers may no longer use “WTF,” “FTW,” “amazeballs,” “epic” and especially, no matter what, under any circumstances, may they use “massive” (see memo for acceptable synonyms.) Writers have been instructed to look to the New York Times for inspiration rather than Buzzfeed. No word on whether the New York Times plans to return the favor.

Post of the week:


Creating an Awesome Freelancing Space Outdoors

by Miranda B 



Congratulations Miranda!


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