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Weekly Round-Up: I Believe

Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up!

jermaine jones

Never has a tie felt so much like a loss as it did yesterday in USA’s World Cup game against Portugal. After being down 1-0 for most of the game, we came back scoring 2 goals in the second half, only for Portugal to tie it 2-2 in the last 30 seconds.

30 seconds.

I can’t even. I don’t- I can’t- I just- I can’t even. Let’s all just look at the above photo and remember what pure elation felt like when Jermaine Jones scored the first equalizer.

The US plays Germany on Thursday. My blood pressure and I should be ready to watch by then.

I Believe

In Content Marketing News: If you’re trying to please everybody, you’ll please nobody. Same holds true for Content Marketing.

In More Content Marketing News: Don’t Be  a Content Marketing Dinosaur — 5 Must-Haves to Stay Current is not only a cool title, it’s a great article as well.

In Newsletter News: Newsletters are like people- some are awesome, while others, less so. Find out which are worth subscribing to.

And in Which Classic Female Author Are You News: BuzzFeed has made it simple to figure out your badass alter ego with this quiz. I got Joyce Carol Oates, which is cool because I’ve always felt she’s my spirit animal.

I Believe That

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I Believe That We Will Win


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