Weekly Round-Up: How To Everything

Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up


Today we’re tackling the big issues like how to find the right writer for a certain project, how to keep stress levels down and how to brag about your summer vacation in a way that makes your friends jealous, but not mad about it. You ready?


In Content Marketing News: How to Find the Right Writer for Content Creation is a great read that writers can benefit from as well, in order to see what clients are looking for. A how-to in reverse, if you will.

In More Content Marketing News: How to track your content marketing efforts in 5 easy steps. ‘Nuf said.

In Social Media News: How Kevin Systrom Controls Every Ad on Instagram is an article on exactly that. So, as a general rule of thumb, if you want control over the ads you see on apps, rather than upgrade to the pay version, just become CEO and assert your power over that domain.

In Healthy Freelancer News: How to keep your stress levels down… Hint: it’s all in the way you think and talk to yourself.

In Summer Vacation News: How to Flawlessly Capture Your Vacation in Ways People Actually Want to See is a must-read tutorial for everybody I know.

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That’s all for us, have a great week!


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