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Weekly Round-Up: Boston Strong


Hello and welcome back to the Round-Up!

A week ago today was the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. Record crowds showed up all along the 26.2 mile route to watch nearly 36,000 runners make their way to the world-famous finish line on Boylston Street.

After the horrific events of last year’s race, this year proved to be a remarkable day that celebrated peace, community and athleticism. While the marathon is an annual highlight in the lives of Bostonians and runners worldwide, this year we felt the support of the nation. This year the runners ran for more than just themselves or their charities. The triumph of mind and body demonstrated by each and every runner symbolized the collective triumph of a city over evil.

Most of the WA employees were able to make it to the race for a bit and all agreed the energy was unparalleled.

And just as our city moves forward, so must this Round-Up.


In Content Marketing News: Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “Charlotte, I just need 21 tips to help get my content marketing strategy off the ground. Can you help me?” Well, it’s your lucky day. Here’s 22.

In Freelance News: Money. As a freelancer, you know that some months you’re swimming in the stuff, while other months your pool is empty. Being a good freelancer is as much about being a smart money manager as it is about being a good writer/designer/etc. Make good choices.

In Sci-Fi Writing News:Some claim that creative writing cannot be taught, but it can certainly be learned.” I love this quote and I love this article on how to build a fantasy world for your future best-seller-turned-movie. (Or just “future best seller” if you don’t plan on selling out like that. That’s cool too.)

In Spectacular Vernacular News: Did you know the word “freelance” was first coined by Sir Walter Scott in Ivanhoe? Or did you know “bedazzled” was first used by Shakespeare in The Taming of the Shrew? Or what about “robot,” “scaredy-cat” (hint: it was a female author) or, my personal favorite: “pandemonium”? Find out here.

And Here’s Our Best Stuff From Last Week:

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If anyone else was at the marathon (either running or spectating) tell us your experience in the comments!

See you next week!


Charlotte Garden is charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. A voracious consumer of all things trending, note-worthy and ridiculous, when she’s not working on the internet, you’ll find her playing around on the internet.



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