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Weekly Round-Up: Better than Hollywood gossip, because we won’t mention Justin Bieber

RoundUp-image1Hey folks!

Welcome back to Weekly Round-Up, where we try to be that friend who always knows everything about everyone’s business, and tells you about it. Except in this case, what we know is the actual business of writing and content marketing.

So, it’s all of the intrigue, none of the cattiness.

Forbes has a really interesting article this week on The Five Phases of Content Marketing Maturity. It’s somewhat like the phases of teenage maturity in that you need to figure out who you are, and how you want to be perceived by the world. Luckily, the former involves less moodiness and rebellious wardrobe choices than the latter.

Entrepreneur Magazine gets into the importance of hiring freelance writers to write company blog posts and other marketing collateral: Most Content Marketing Fails, So Keep These 3 Tactics in Mind. (There’s also a lot to learn about link bait here)

Gawker, meanwhile, has been kind enough to put out a PSA of sorts reminding everyone that Twitter is a public arena, thus urging all you eager tweeters out there to think before you go posting ridiculously inappropriate things in ridiculously inappropriate places.

Think emoji are just for kids and certain grown-ups who have a hard time communicating their feelings regarding happiness “:)” and sadness “:(” ? Think again. Companies should learn to leverage branded emojis.

And speaking of emoji: Buzzfeed’s 58 Yellow Smiley Emoji Defined is the best thing you’ll ever read on the subject of emoji.

Lastly, our post of the week is:

When “Working From Home” Means Leaving Home by Kate C 

Congratulations Kate! Very well done.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!


Charlotte Garden is in charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. She’s a blogger by trade, a Gemini by birth, and frequently peppers references from 80s movies throughout her posts for her own amusement.

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