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Weekly Round-Up (Alternate Title: We’re Baaaaack)

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Hey! Weekly Round-Up is back!

This is our first Weekly Round-Up since 2011, which as we all know, translates to approximately 87 years ago in “internet years.” So for those of you who remember us, it’s great to see you again. You haven’t aged a bit.

And to the rest of you, hey! It’s nice to meet you. I can already tell we’re going to get along swimmingly.

Group hug?

There, now that we’re all friends, let’s take a look at the links I found for you this week…

So have you heard the coolest news to come out about trains since the industrial revolution? Amtrak is thinking about giving FREE RIDES to writers! It’s a take on “writer residences” and they’re talking about setting up a program that grants free round trip tickets to writers. Obviously, there are a lot of details to be worked out, but I think it sounds promising. (Well, to be more specific, I think it sounds amazing and needs to happen because I have places to go and few funds to get there.)

On a similar note, this gawker piece on writer residences is hilarious and explores other potential residence options.

Want to increase your vocabulary? This buzzfeed video has you covered. Learn fancy words to describe what happens when you get to the end of your sriracha bottle and your state of mind when you really want to change the TV channel but find yourself too lazy to reach the remote. Your writing will benefit.

And a big thank you to all our WriterAccess blog contributors this week. We’re going to start naming a “Post of the Week” to really highlight a writer who we feel did a bang up job. So without further ado, the first ever Post of the Week winner is… drum roll please…

S*** My Kids Say: Where a Writer Finds Inspiration (and Consternation) 

Congratulations to Anne G for a remarkable post!

(There’s no prize other than the thrill of victory.)

And hey, because it’s the weekend, take a look at this amazing list of quotes that will make you feel better about the week you just survived. (My favorite: “Don’t stress over things you can’t control… unless it’s a huge problem then, ahhh!!!”)

Have a great weekend!

Charlotte Garden is in charge of all the blog content at WriterAccess. She’s a blogger by trade, a Gemini by birth, and frequently peppers references from 80s movies throughout her posts for her own amusement.




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