Weekly Round-Up: Tips for Talent (and Everybody Else)

Here at WriterAccess, we love our talented writers.

In addition to providing our customers with great content, they contribute their fair share of original material to our own site, too. But whether or not you’re a professional writer, you can always benefit from brushing up on your writing skills.

So, this week’s round-up features a whole buncha writing tips that we think you might find handy—whether freelancing is your game or you just want to write a better email.


Tips for Email Writing: These email personalization techniques are guaranteed to make your recipients feel special.

Tips for Finding Your Writing Voice
: Want to make your prose sound more authentic? This article reveals the 6 things you need to know.


Another Tip About Voice: Here’s why you shouldn’t try to sound so ‘smart’ when you write. It just confuses people. Trust us.


A Tip About Punctuation: Whether you think it’s overrated or underused, this article claims to have the final word on the Oxford comma.


In case you missed it: We published a blog post earlier this week about the difference between the em dash, the en dash, and the hyphen. (You might find it useful if you’re like me and didn’t realize that more than one kind of dash exists.)


Just for laughs: You think your typos are bad? They’re not nearly as bad as these.

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