Weekly Round-Up: How To Make People Love You (& Your Content)

Life isn’t always fair. Kim Kardashian West has a total of 101 million followers on her Insta, and you can’t even scrape together a hundred likes for one of your company ‘grams. But rather than wallow in self-pity, why not take a few steps towards getting your content the attention it deserves?

It just so happens that we’ve compiled this week’s best tips on improving written, video, and social media content. You’re welcome.


Tips for Written Content: Here are 8 simple ways to get more people to read your content. Guess what? None of them have to do with improving your writing.

More Tips for Written Content: On this week’s WriterAccess webinar, Nadya Khoja from Venngage shared her 12 Principles to Appeal to Big-Time Publishers. We covered how to identify and take over trending topics, how to create engaging content that appeals to multiple audiences, and so much more.

Tips for Video Content: The 7 reasons your marketing videos aren’t getting as many views as you’d like, according to HubSpot.

Tips for Social Media Content: Apparently, doing these 5 things will improve the loyalty of your social media followers. (You could also try posting more selfies, but this is probably a safer bet.)

In Other News: Why is Kim K so famous? This article gives a thorough explanation.

In case you missed it: How to Begin Adding Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy. (Because you should probably have videos before you try to start getting more views on your videos, ya know?)

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