Website Writer by Day: How Working as a Writer Is a Great Way to Pursue Other Passions

Work and PlayWhen you have a true passion in life, it can be hard to fit everything in your day. Whether you are an aspiring athlete, an artist with a vision or a world traveler who can’t stay still, your passion calls to you and can make it hard to focus on the things you need to do. However, those who have a knack for the written word may find a career that gives them the flexibility to pursue those passions. Working as a website writer offers flexibility that works for many busy individuals.

My Story

When I started working as a content writer, I was working full time at a coffee shop, going back to school and wishing I had a way to take my love of playing billiards to the next level. With my “day job,” I was relegated to taking night classes and only playing pool on occasion when my weekends weren’t packed. However, when I discovered that I could make money writing—a topic I loved studying at school anyway—I suddenly had freedom. I could write when and where I had the time. This allowed me to start playing pool competitively and still keep up with my work—using a laptop with a wi-fi connection. While you may find me sitting in the corner of a pool hall between matches nursing a cup of bad coffee and trying to finish writing a web page for a plumber, writing allows me the chance to get out there and follow my dreams.

Finding Balance as a Website Writer

The most important thing to remember when you are both a writer and a dreamer is that you have to find a balance that works for you. You must always keep an eye on what you need to accomplish as a writer and what you want to accomplish with your “other” passion. It may mean working crazy hours to meet a deadline or missing out on some high-paying work because you know your weekend will be tied up with events, but once you find the perfect level of commitment, you’ll have freedom that many with a traditional 9 to 5 job can only dream of having.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a writer. But, for those who do, it can be the ticket to living life on your terms. Remember, having a passion fuels all aspects of your life—the lessons you learn playing pool, painting, baking the perfect cupcake or traveling to Dubai can all improve your skills as a writer too. Don’t let “real life” keep you from your passion.

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