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Website Content Services on a Budget: How to Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

As someone in need of web content either for your company’s website, or personal use, hiring a writer may require a bit of tact if you are on a budget. This is not to say that you cannot end up with clear and engaging content at an affordable rate; it’s just that doing so takes planning. There are many keys to getting the most bang for your buck when working with a writer to create your content. To help you through the process, here are a few tips.

Keeping Time

Setting and sticking to a deadline is essential to web content creation. Deadlines are pivotal to keeping tabs on the time both you and your writer keep throughout the content creation process. What’s more, using your writer’s time most efficiently is one of the smoothest ways to get the best possible content at the most affordable price. It is likely that any seasoned writer you work with will be working on multiple content writing jobs simultaneously. For such reason, it is in their best interest to work to meet deadlines. The more efficiently your writer is able to write, edit, and polish your content, the more comfortable they will feel working at a rate within your budget. In order to optimize the time your writer spends working on your content, give them as many thorough details as possible. Providing such extensive information will only make your content better.

Staying In Touch

Establishing a constructive working relationship, and subsequently maintaining open communication with your writer, is paramount if you wish to be satisfied with the finished product. Checking in with each other periodically is a healthy practice for both you and your writer to have, even if it is simply for a status update. As far as creating your content goes, there is no such thing as pestering a writer. After all, you are paying them for a service which includes frequent correspondence.

Maintaining Your Budget

The critical nature of your budget when using a web content service should go without saying, but more importantly, once it is set you should aim not to deviate. For instance, let’s say you have a budget of $50, but want it to stretch as far as possible. Surely, you could find a writer to produce 10, or maybe even 20, blog posts at such a rate. However, as the quantity of content goes up and your payment remains static, the quality will likely suffer. If quality is important to you, and you wish to stick to your budget, it is a much more beneficial decision to order only two or three high-quality blog posts instead.


Just as there is an art to crafting the perfect piece of web content, perhaps even more so, there is an art to doing so on a budget. If you can efficiently take advantage of your writer’s time, keep in contact, and only order an appropriate quantity of content, you should have no problem staying within your budget.

Jamison H is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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