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WAW November 2014


A Few Words from Byron

They say the average 4-year-old asks 437 question per day. Whether or not this is true, many parents would probably estimate it’s not too far off. As we grow older, however, we tend to answer more questions than we ask. Why does this happen?

It doesn’t have to.

Successful people have mastered the art of inquisition. Teachers, scientists, innovators, artists, writers, journalists, advertising pros and even sales reps dive into topics and surface with questions—lots of questions—that help find new, exciting answers that drive greatness and success.

Having said that, we recently revamped our Message platform for customers. All communication now lives in a new messaging section. Customers can see your questions and threads all in one place, rather than having to view the order.

Therefore, we’d like to encourage you to reach out directly to the client if you have questions on the order. The Help Desk is always here if the client doesn’t get back to you, or if you need a mediator, but asking questions directly to the client has proven to be most effective and efficient for everyone.

Terrific Team Update: Kristin, as part of a local chapter of the Extra Life Charity, participated in a 24-hour Gameathon that raised over $5 million for the Children’s Miracle Network to help sick children nationwide. Allison ran the Doug Flutie 5k in Natick, MA that raised over $90k for the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism. She was the third woman to cross the line and subsequently met Doug Flutie at the award ceremony. Rob spent three weeks of October volunteering his time at local animal shelters and actively campaigning for curriculum improvements in public school systems. He has also started writing self-serving creative fiction. Lauren and her fiancé brewed their first organic batch of beer at Hopsters in Newton, gathering the ingredients and stirring the pot witch-brew style to yield 3 dozen bottles of Vanilla Bourbon Stout. Kelly has been busy hosting friends in town every weekend, and as we speak, Glen is golfing in Arizona.

Now tell us what’s new in your life!

Last Month’s Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to send us pumpkin photos with phrases attached. We loved seeing your submissions, many of which are now on the blog!

The contest winner this month is: Jennifer T. from Lancaster, PA!

Congratulations, Jennifer! Would you prefer the $100 cash or $125 Starbucks Gift Card?

New Contest: Quizzes

If you caught my Webinar with Qzzr last month, it should come as no surprise that we think it’s time for WriterAccess to offer Quiz Content Creation services. Who’s in?

For a chance to win $100 cash or a $125 Starbucks gift card, head over to now. Set up a free account, make your own quiz, publish it to the site and then send the link to your quiz to either me at [email protected] or to the Help Desk.

Blog Posts of the Month

Wondering about the best time to share on social media or how to deal with trolls? Find out in our best of the best blog posts from October:

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How to Deal with Trolls, Without Turning into One How to Deal with Trolls, Without Turning into One
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Hyperlocal Content Hits Home for Real Estate Bloggers Hyperlocal Content Hits Home for Real Estate Bloggers
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Feedback (Always) Wanted!

Speaking of questions… I’ve had the opportunity to speak with about 50 customers personally in the last month since the launch of WriterAccess 4.0. Amazing ideas surfaced. Now it’s time to reach out to 50 writers and learn from your perspective on how we can do better. And better than that. Thanks in advance for your help.

If we’re going to change the world, discover new possibilities, and create greatness with content, we need to start asking more questions. Any questions? I look forward to hearing from you at [email protected].


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