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WAW March 2015


Writer Accolades

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight amazing WA writers who went above and beyond the call of duty to please clients.

Dennis M recently impressed the entire staff here at WA HQ when another writer had to drop an order last minute due to a family emergency. The order was due in 2 hours, and the client’s deadline couldn’t budge. Needless to say, things were getting frantic…

Then like Freelance Superman, Dennis M swooped in, picked up the order and saved the day. He nailed it. We’re talking spot on amazingness all within an hour and a half. The client’s exact words were “Dennis is amazing!!!! Fantastic quality and speed.”

Allaire W also knocked a client’s socks off this past month. This particular client had an unusual request – attend a 3-day marketing conference, attend specific sessions, and have a brand-spanking-new article publish-ready within a couple hours of each.

Allaire the Wonder Writer attended this conference, banged out pristine copy after every session for three days straight and she made it look easy. The client was so impressed, they raved on and on to one of our project managers.

It’s writers like these that make WA one of the best writing platforms on the web. We couldn’t do it without you all, so we’d like to give credit where credit is due. Thank you!

Team Update

My head is in the sand with Content Marketing Conference, lining up the speakers, sorting out the logistics and popping out promotions that hope to attract lots of marketing and writing professionals like you to join us in Vegas!

Lauren took an ill-informed musical note from Procol Harum’s book, turning a whiter shade of pale and “escaping” snow-ridden Boston for even chillier weekends in Portsmouth, NH and Washington DC.

Joel celebrated his 33rd birthday by writing some awesome code and letting his 3 and 4 year old boys eat most of the cake.

Kelly’s highlights include ice skating and visiting the MFA with friends. She is also rejoicing that the T is back up and running.

Kristin completed an art challenge to try to create five unique pieces in a month: a calligraphy piece, a Chinese watercolor piece, a cross stitch, a Chinese traditional paper cutting piece and an oil painting.

Charlotte has no recollection of what she did in February because she was too busy cramming 31 days worth of work into 28.

Louis has had his hands full simply combating the various diseases of winter.

Rob dedicated himself to helping restaurants with their book-keeping but has struggled to attract clients since there’s no accounting for taste…

Last Month’s Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to write an ode. We noticed a lot of effort went into these, so we’d like to give special mention to Miranda B and Jared B!

Without further ado, last month’s contest winner is: Tracy R from St Louis, MO!

Tracy’s Ode:

I Married My Parents

Their golden years had finally come
Their kids were grown (but kinda dumb)
Much in love after all these years
My parents were ready for new frontiers

The smartest of three, I was still a bit dense
When it came to men, I had no sense
Married at twenty, back home in two years
Too young to be wise with plenty of tears

See, when the baby arrived, my husband regressed
He hated to work, and I was hungry; depressed
My man was a boy and I needed more
I moved back home with dreams of amore

My son was amazing but I wasn’t quite done
I found a Moron and thought he was ‘The One’
Married again, seven years this time…
Abuse killed our life before a sure crime

Okay on my own, it lasted one summer
But I traveled a lot, which was always a bummer
With TWO tots in hand, I needed assistance
I begged my Parentals to go the distance

They gave it all up and agreed to come together
Knowing “for awhile” could be forever
Grandma and Grandpa gave future years
We merged two households and I buried my fears

Our family no longer had a father shortage
The kids were happy while I worked for our mortgage
With three parents in their midst, the kids would thrive
With no more sitters, our group came Alive

Dad now had a dog, cable, den and garage
My mom cooked the meals which I got to dodge
Grandma taught my girl how to count and to write
She taught both kids piano and was there day and night

I used to imagine romance waiting for me
But with the kids grown, now it’s the parents three
My boy’s in college and my girl’s on her way
Fourteen years later, my folks are elderly

There’s no words to say “Thanks” for devoting their life
To making sure mine was less full of strife
There’s no way to say “Wow” to all that they lost
When my kids are successful because of that cost

Well done, Tracy!!

New Contest

With St Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, we’d like to hear your very best limericks! Think “there once was a man from Nantucket”… but better! (Note: this time it will NOT be random.)

Simply reply to this email or submit to [email protected].

As per usual, the winner will be given a choice of $100 in cash or a $125 Starbucks gift card.

Blog Posts of the Month

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Feedback Please

Another big thank you for all that you do! Do let us know if you have any comments or questions, and we’re looking forward to reading your limericks! Write on!


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