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WAW July 2014

BostonGreetings from Boston

Welcome to WAW V4! 

Hope your summer is off to a splashy start! We here at WriterAccess are riding a tidal wave of excitement gearing up for the release of WriterAccess 4.0. With its launch poised for the second week of July, our updated platform comes with a deluge of advancements for writers, customers and even team members here in Boston. You’re gonna love it – or at least we hope so. Let us know with feedback along the way!

WriterAccess 4.0 Teasers 

Years of listening carefully to all your feedback fueled our makeover in the first place. As the driving force behind our company’s success, you writers were at the helm. We listened to the fuss and the grumbles, the fabulous feedback and betterment ideas. We gathered them all then redeveloped our software, fine-tuned our user experience and are primed to present one powerful platform. Yeah, it’s a big deal. One that may even change the way you think about our marketplace, culture and team. 

Here are a few highlights to keep in mind. 

Change. Yes, things will be different. You’ll note modifications to the way you work as well as communicate with customers, us and the world. Change can be tough to accept, support and get behind, and we get that. We’re here to help with the transition. 

Performance. You know we use a number of factors to raise and adjust your star rating, and now you’ll be able to see them at a glance. You can quickly check your platform performance with regards to endorsements, quality ratings by customers, number of projects completed by industry and asset type, and more. 

Profile Betterment. Your experience extends beyond the WriterAccess platform, and now customers will be able to clearly see that. They’ll get a bigger view of just how great you truly are with visibility of both your onsite and offsite (off-platform) experience. 

Search Results. You’re more than just a number, and our advanced search tools will prove it. Clients will be able to find you based on skill, talent and proficiency with meaty results based on more than impersonal numbers and data. 

Six Stars. Our new 6-star rating is truly out of this world. Talented scribes who earn it can make up to $2 per word for projects with more complexity, visibility and skill requirements.

Certification Badges. More writer rewards come in the form of certification badges, which you can earn for outstanding performance with general writing, copywriting, tech writing, legal, medical and other areas. 

Visibility. Learning what customers want will be faster and easier, as will knowing a customer’s status. Customer badges will indicate their different spends as DIY, Plus or Enterprise clients. 

Keep What’s Good. We’re adding loads of good stuff, but we’re also keeping what’s been working all along. That means you’ll still enjoy core culture elements like transparent rates, fair pay, twice a month payments, and got-your-back support when a customer seems to go off the deep end without merit or rational claim. 

Do let us know what you think of these teasers as we lead up to and deploy our final launch. Send comments to [email protected]

We always enjoy hearing what’s on your mind. Tell us what we can do better so we can amend it. Tell us what we’re doing right so we can leave it alone. Heck, tell us about your vacation – we just love hearing from you!

Contest Winner

Last month’s contest was our most popular yet! But what should we expect? Of course a batch of winsome writers would make super-tough word games look easy. 

And the winner is: Brian R from Roanoke, VA! 

Brian, you have the exhilarating decision of claiming your winnings in the form of $100 cash or a $125 Starbucks Gift Card. Think carefully, choose wisely and reply to this newsletter when you decide!

New Contest

Referral Program 

This game is a win-win for everyone, especially since playing along gains you more clients and makes you more money. All you have to do is use our referral program, which is even easier than those word games you aced. 

Simply use our referral link: to reach out to potential new clients. The person signing up gets $25 free and you get paid whenever the person you referred spends money at WA. 

Pricing tiers are in the link. 

And for one month only you also get the chance to win a bonus of $100 or a $125 Starbucks Gift Card when you refer a client to the platform. Don’t you love this win-win stuff?

What’s New

6-star writers! We already mentioned this in our teasers, but it’s cool enough to mention again. Starting in mid-July, WA is going to be on a 6-star rating system. This does not in any way impact the star quality as it stands now. Five-star quality writers are still 5-star quality writers, and so on. We’re just adding a sixth star for a very small group of writers who will be able to earn 10 cents to $2 per word.

An application process will be coming soon, so keep an eye out if you’d like to apply.

Blog Posts of the Month

Our blog writers had another splendiferous month; here come some of the highlights:

life experience

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happy writer

4 Content Curation Tools for Research

by Miranda B

After the death of Google Reader, many content writers were left hanging without their trusty content curator. Some writers in a forum I frequent have even brought up the idea of creating a site where writers can compile their research. Well, there is no need for that! Several sites already…


Writer Rant: As a Freelance Writer I’m a Sellsword… not a Knight

by Tracy S

I am a freelance writer. Today, I may be working for you, writing your oh so important content about kitchen cabinet installation in Knoxville, Tennessee. But, next week? I may be writing for your biggest rival. I will do it if the…


Feedback (Always) Wanted!

So give it to us straight, how are you liking WAW now that we’re four months in? Let us know! See you next month!


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