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WAW February 2015


A Few Words from Byron

Hello from snowy Boston! If you’re in the Northeast, I hope you weathered Juno’s dusting and the subsequent storms like a pro skier—all smiles!

At the moment, I’m ramping up and planning the sessions, tracks and speakers for the Content Marketing Conference on May 12-14th in Las Vegas. Please join us if you can, along with a bevy of brilliant and fascinating speakers and studious attendees—all warriors on the front line of the content marketing revolution. Most of our core team members will attend the conference as well, enjoying three days of inspiration, modernization, transformation, and rolling out the WriterAccess green carpet for clients and writers like you!

We hope to see many of our writers there, with special offers, arrangements and incentives we’ll be announcing soon.

Tips from Client Services

What are clients really looking for in a writer? Why not ask the very people who are on the front lines of customer onboarding and support—the WA Client Services team.

The takeaway might surprise you. There’s more to being a client favorite than just being a great writer.

From Kristin – “Building professional relationships is key to success. The way that we build relationships has changed significantly over the past century and there are some fascinating psychological studies on propinquity about how the principles effect marketing and content strategy. Here is a great resource from the Hubspot Inbound conference in 2013.

“The principles of propinquity apply to the way you build your reputation in the digital space. At WriterAccess, the only way we (clients and administration) gather an impression of who you are as a professional is through digital communication. The reader doesn’t have physical proximity or cues, which we depend on so heavily in face to face communication, to provide context. This means that presenting the issues and questions you have through clear, concise, and professional communication really makes an impression on everyone involved. According to some studies, if research subjects didn’t like an interaction with a person, often subsequent interactions didn’t lead the subjects to change their mind and begin liking the person. Basically, every interaction counts when it comes to building your reputation!”

From Georgina – “I have been noticing a solid group of writers willing to be more flexible with clients (mainly when they know we have thoroughly looked into their help desk issues re: revisions/disputes). Their extra effort and willingness to compromise has led to a lot of positive feedback from clients.”

The moral of these tips? Clients value communication and problem solving skills. Focus on positive interactions and keep up the great work!

Team Update

Glen spent the past month shoveling and hibernating… And dreaming of golfing in the warmth of the summer.

Georgina attended the International Auto Show as press where she met with female executives who are leading the industry in inspiring ways, in addition to the founders of women-run local start-ups like The Grommet and The Third Piece.

Kelly started yoga, and has already mastered the child’s pose and warrior two.

Kristin built a new bookcase, which promoted a shopping extravaganza at the bookstore, and started the HubSpot Inbound certification course.

Charlotte went to Oklahoma City where she attended a rodeo, wore cowboy boots, and ate grits like the forefathers of this fine nation intended.

Inspired by a paper published jointly in the American Medicine Journal and Chiropractic Today, Rob sought to find comfortable and affordable footwear to alleviate the chronic back pain familiar to those in the medical field whose jobs require spending many hours on foot… Though still in its infancy, many analysts are wary, saying the “Docs in Crocs” model is full of holes…

Last Month’s Contest Winner

Last month we challenged you to take a current news topic and rewrite it for an audience 100 years in the future. (Thanks again to Douglas A for that fantastic contest idea!)

The randomly selected contest winner is: Donna H from Columbus, OH!

Congratulations, Donna! Would you like to collect your winnings as $100 cash or a $125 Starbucks Gift Card?

New Contest

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we’d like to hear your best ode. Make it funny, make it touching, make it rhyme—it’s up to you!

Simply reply to this email or submit to [email protected].

As always, the randomly selected winner will be given a choice of $100 in cash or a $125 Starbucks gift card.

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Feedback Please

As always, do let us know what you think of this month’s newsletter, the site, your workload and/or if you want more information on Content Marketing Conference. Write on!


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