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WAW December 2014


A Few Words from Byron

Holiday cheer and good will for all this year of 2014!

Thanks to so many writers delivering great work to great customers, we’re happy to report another remarkable year of growth here at WriterAccess.

Here are a few announcements that come with good cheer!

  • WriterAccess 4.0 for writers launches Monday, December 8th
  • New pledge for expectations
  • New rewards and recognition for writers (more details coming soon)

Growth presents new challenges. Our staff size doubled. Our customer base hit 12,000. And all this means more work and more opportunity for everyone.

Happy and safe holidays from all of us here at WriterAccess.

Write On!

Our New Pledge

We’ve been thinking a lot about what we expect from you, what you expect from us, and how to handle accountability for those expectations. Our solution? Keep things simple. Create a new pledge for writers, and even our staff, that becomes the basis for our beautiful relationship.


Do Great Work
Read instructions. Deliver on goals. Exceed expectations.
Read My Professional Writing Skill and Price Guide.

Deliver Work On Time
Don’t drop any order. Don’t put orders on hold needlessly.
Don’t bother customers with questions that stall the workflow.

Respect Fellow Community Members
Be nice. Be supportive. Share success stories.

Respect the Management Team
Trust our team. Respect their authority. Enjoy our success.


Find Great Work
Market services. Generate opportunity. Demo prospects.
Deliver remarkable service and killer technology.

Advance Writers Careers
Assess strengths. Identify weaknesses. Spotlight skills.
Recommend writers to customers when specifically requested by the client.

Recognize and Reward Writers
Public recognition. Personal recognition.
Recognize and gift top performing writers.

Protect The Pledge
1. Send warning to writers who break the Pledge
2. Demote writers one star level after strike two
3. Part ways with writers at strike three

WriterAccess 4.0 Launch Date December 8th, 2014

When you turn on and tune in to WriterAccess on Monday, you might want to stand back from your desktop. You’ll experience a BANG, launching you and all writers into the next generation.

My personal favorite feature of this 300+ hour upgrade is the new Message Feature. It combines all your communication with customers, saving you the hassle of going into an order to find the response or answer.

You’ll find a link to the old version up in the top nav. So go retro for a bit if you need to until you’re comfortable with all the betterment.

Our Help Desk will be looking for any questions or feedback.


Team Update – Thanksgiving Edition

I chilled in Boston with a small group of 20 friends and family. Louis watched a scary movie with his parents and pups. Glen had a great time trying Oyster stuffing for the first time. Rob started a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of individuals who feel Google violated their ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ and provides pro bono SEO services. (Many Page 1 rankings were achieved.) Kristin celebrated both Thanksgiving & Hanukkah (complete with brisket and turkey) because with 12 cousins, it’s the one time of year everyone is in the same place. Lauren spent the holiday in New York, where she will return for Christmas followed by a trip to Co. Donegal, Ireland to wedding plan with her fiancé’s family. Charlotte’s family gathered at the Harvard Club, hosted by her 93-year-old great-aunt.

Last Month’s Contest Winner

Last month we asked you to try your hand at creative quiz generation, and we loved all the quizzical quizzes you created!

Some of our favorites: What Cute Pet are You? By Laurie S. And Are You a Wine Whisperer? By Laura W.

The randomly selected contest winner is: Alethea M. from New Haven, IN who wroteReality vs National Perception!

Congratulations, Alethea! Let us know how you’d like your winnings—in the form of $100 cash or a $125 Starbucks Gift Card!

New Contest

This month’s contest is to come up with a new contest, or several if you wish. We want our writers excited to “compete” and “connect” in our community, so now’s your opportunity to get involved! Simply submit a contest idea, releasing the rights for us to use that contest with a cool footnote from you, and you’ll be eligible to win, for each of your ideas.

The winner will be awarded $100 cash or a $125 Starbucks gift card.

Blog Posts of the Month

The following posts blew us away in November:

Why Weak Verbs Are Like Kryptonite Why Weak Verbs Are Like Kryptonite
If you’ve heard of Superman, you’ve heard Kryptonite, that luminescent, green, space-stuff which brings our hero to his knees. But what does Superman’s one weakness have to do with writing? We freelance writers have our own version of the dreaded ore: weak verbs…
by Darla F
Bleeding Ledes: Sharpen Your Newswriting to Hook More Readers Bleeding Ledes: Sharpen Your Newswriting to Hook More Readers
Is the newspaper industry dead yet? Who cares about ledes and newswriting when all anyone reads anymore are blog posts about cats? In fact, 12 cats died today in a desperate bid to make readers more interested in actual news. Don’t put more cats at risk…
by Holly S
QUIZ: Are You A Content Writing Junkie? QUIZ: Are You A Content Writing Junkie?
Do you see lines of printed text every time you close your eyes? Are friends and family alarmed at the amount of time you spend huddled in your office, hunched over a keyboard? Freelance writers are often the last to recognize the warning signs of a growing addiction…
by Kate C

Feedback Please

This holiday season we’d like to disagree with the old adage that “it’s better to give than to receive” because we always love receiving all your comments, questions and feedback.

Wishing you safe and happy holidays!


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