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Want to be a Medical Writer? These 4 Top Websites are For You

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For those of you just getting started as a health care or medical writer, finding accurate and timely health and medical information online can be challenging. I’ve put together a few of the best websites with health information that is accurate, current and well-written, primarily by medical professionals as the voice of authority.

Web MD

The website is easy to understand, written in (mostly) layman’s terms with most articles written by medical and other health professionals. Overall, the information is current and accurate. Links to studies that support information are included as are additional references to related topics.

You do have to open an account (it’s free and very easy) but once done, you will be able to access hundreds of articles and blogs on numerous healthcare topics.


This health information website is a service operated by the U.S. National Library of Medicine / National Institute of Health, making it one of the more accurate as well as informative sites.

The minor drawback (at least for this writer) is the site’s ‘busy’ appearance: lots of diverse information, subheadings, graphics and tabs clutter the pages making it a bit confusing when trying to choose a topic but if you can get past that, there are plenty of well-written articles and general health information available here.

Mayo Clinic

This is the online extension of the prestigious Mayo Clinic based in Rochester, MN. As you might expect from one of the premier teaching medical schools and hospitals in the United States, the information it offers is accurate and current as written by medical and other experienced heath care professionals. Healthcare providers can connect to the latest information on research and other findings, while patients and laypersons have a wealth of health and medical information in the Patient Education Materials that is detailed enough to be accurate and informative but not so much that it’s outside the grasp of the average person.

The site is user-friendly, with few graphics and a clean appearance to easily identify and access topics. Its dependability and accuracy is almost like having a trusted medical care provider at your fingertips.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Another government healthcare service site, this site is especially useful for learning about information about diseases and conditions, food recalls and foodborne illnesses, travelers’ health advisories and healthy lifestyles. There are extensive graphics which may cause downloading problems for some but overall is well-organized with detailed and current information.

Mary S has worked for physicians’ offices and medical insurers for more than 20 years. Paying hundreds of health claims eventually sparked an interest in staying healthy – and led to eventual employment in a retail health food store, where she planned to stay for only six months but remained as a Key Holder for five years, thanks to her passion for herbs, health and nutrition. She now enjoys writing and tending her several herb and perennial gardens as well as crafting.

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