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Want Creativity? Give the Writer a Shot.

As a client who contracts work out to freelance copywriters, you probably know what you’re looking for most of the time — and there are plenty of writers who will be happy to provide it.

But maybe you’d like to torque things up a bit now and then for some unique content that will bring sparkle to your site.

If you want something new and different, try letting the writer loose to come with ideas.

Give the Writer Basic Direction

Obviously, the writer needs some direction. If she is blogging for a heating and air conditioning company, for example, you don’t want her to write about stamp collecting, but it might be appropriate to have a blog post about family backyard picnics amid posts on sealing ducts and using programmable thermostats. It’s tied to weather and the home, and it’s fun. Such a post might warm a reader to the company.

Give the writer a basic idea of who you or your client is and share a key product or service that should be at least mentioned, but not necessarily be the subject of the article. Let the writer know you want something new and fresh and interesting, whether it’s quirky, funny or heart-warming. A good copywriter can work that idea into something cool that could enhance your site, product or services.

Be careful not to be limiting with any keyword phrases you request. You might also consider letting the writer choose a keyword phrase that’s relevant to you or your client and repeat it two or three times.

As an added incentive, consider offering bonuses to be given for posts you find especially creative and interesting.

What do You Like?

If you want to give the writer some examples, try browsing the Internet to find blog posts and articles that you find interesting and applicable.

Quizzes and Top 5 (or 10) articles are popular with many people and could easily be linked to what you represent. If your usual assignments were blog posts for a dental office, for example, an article about the best celebrity smiles would be appropriate yet not promotional of dental work — at least, not obviously so. It still would carry a message about the beauty of great teeth.

Stay the Course, Most of the Time

Most of the time, you as a client will probably want the tried-and-true informational article from a freelance writer. It’s your bread and butter. It’s what drives people to know who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. But does it entertain? Does it have a “wow factor”? Does it make you laugh or touch your heart?

An occasional diversion from the regular path is good for all of us in life. In content services, it may be similarly good for both writers and clients, through the joy of writing quality creative content and the benefits it can bring.

Laurie S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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