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Writer Podcast with Inside Content Marketing Author Theresa Cramer

As the editor of EContent magazine and author of “Inside Content Marketing,” Theresa Cramer offers her expertise on the timely subject of content marketing. She has more than a decade of industry experience in publishing, having worked for HarperCollins Publishers and the Glastonbury Citizen. Theresa has also been a freelance writer for more than eight years. Her professional experience in the publishing and content creation worlds grants her the knowledge of how content marketing is affecting journalism, and vice versa. Are content marketers and journalists able to handle both areas of the industry, and is this a good idea? Uncover the truths behind the publishing industry in regards to using content marketing in place of journalism and advertising.


Takeaways from the Podcast

  • Find out how to the author breaks down content marketing according to the players involved in the industry, particularly those who are more into content and less about marketing
  • Learn how professional journalists are pushing forward with content marketing to pay the bills, while utilizing their professional writing skills, and why some are still holding out
  • What is the future of brand journalism, and why do publishers need to take advantage of brand journalism?
  • Where does the content marketing world stand with user generated content?
  • Are we going to see pop-up publishers that are selling content writing services to brands, as publishers evolve to become more in tune with content marketing?

Intriguing or Outstanding Quotes

“Publishers have a roll to play in [content marketing] because they already have the content creation machine set up and know how to do it better than anybody else.”

“We have a duty to show [professional journalists] what content marketing can be and that it doesn’t have to be garbage.” [Tweet it]

“Some journalists are completely against using content marketing, and I think that’s silly. When you can tell the same story with a much bigger budget, why not?”

“I see this melding of content marketing and marketing…Say the Super Bowl puppy ads, the Budweiser horses…we all watch it on the web, we all see it before it comes out. Now is that content marketing or is that an ad? It won content marketing awards, but I would consider that an ad.”

“[Regarding publishers and content marketing] everyone I’ve spoke to say there’s a strict divide down the middle. There’s editorial and there’s content marketing, and sometimes editorial has poached staff from content marketing over to that side of the house.”

Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess
Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess

Whether you are a content marketing professional or a journalist this podcast is for you. Discover the future of both industries and what author Theresa Cramer and WriterAccess CEO Byron White have to say regarding this content creation collision. After you listen to the podcast you’ll be adding Theresa’s book “Inside Content Marketing” to your must-read list.

To listen to this podcast, click here.

6-Star writer Miranda B specializes in travel writing with a focus on cultural aspects including green living, religion, food, fashion, education and interior design. She uses her sociological background to delve into the world’s cultures whether she is backpacking solo across Europe or road tripping through the United States.

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