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WriterAccess Podcast with The Art of Content Marketing Author Malcolm Dewey

Malcolm Dewey is a fine artist living in South Africa. His latest book, “The Art of Content Marketing,” Dewey explores tried and true methods for using content marketing to advertise creative talents. As a fine arts student who went to law school, Malcolm now works as a full time professional fine artist. He currently has an art studio gallery in East London, and he is living in South Africa and selling his work all over the world. Discover the tricks of his trade when marketing art using social media and content marketing.


Takeaways from the Podcast

  • Why you can’t rely on your creative arts alone and how to apply your creativity to content creation
  • The reasons why you have to move beyond creating and push into self-promotion and marketing in order to increase your audience reach
  • The importance of using Pinterest is a vital part of content strategy for artists rather than other social media platforms, i.e. Facebook, that are limited in creative expression
  • What’s working for fine artists these days via blogging and social media and how to make the most of web-based marketing
  • How is all of this social media communication and content collaboration affecting an artists’ actual work?

Intriguing or Outstanding Quotes

  • “In South Africa content marketing is confused with social media.”
  • “I read like a crazy man…Going through a legal background reading is the life. You keep digging until you get an answer. Ebooks, podcasts like [WriterAccess]…”
  • “You’ve got to start and even if your first attempts are really poor you’ve got to keep going.” [Tweet it]
  • “Sounds wonderfully foggy, which creates lots of opportunities to navigate to creative new places once the fog lifts.”
  • “Start treating your art as a business, and have a real plan in place.”
  • “Can you imagine if you had that sort of diary approach [of Pinterest] to Vincent van Gogh, if he were posting on Facebook and you could see where he’s going and what he was thinking. [Pinterest] would be just unbelievable, an archive that we would all cherish.”
  • “The crux of any content strategy is to figure out where your audience is.” [Tweet it]
  • “The nice thing with Pinterest is you can shape it to, as you say, give an insight, to show a progression in your process in the kind of art you create, and your outlook on life and what you find interesting.”
Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess
Miranda B is a 6-Star writer at WriterAccess

Ready to hear how you can take your artistic talents to the next level by marketing your art online? Whether you are a fine arts painter like Malcolm, a fiction writer or a blogger, Malcolm Dewey and CEO of WriterAccess Byron White paint a realistic picture for using content marketing effectively. Discover effective ways to move from an unknown artist hiding behind the web to a globally reachable art professional in this podcast.

6-Star writer Miranda B specializes in travel writing with a focus on cultural aspects including green living, religion, food, fashion, education and interior design. She uses her sociological background to delve into the world’s cultures whether she is backpacking solo across Europe or road tripping through the United States.

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