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VIP Blogging: Giving Your Followers the Inside Scoop

VIP Access BlogNothing enhances the fun at a concert more than a backstage pass. You can meet your favorite band or singer before the show. You get to see firsthand all the elements that go into making their live performances so entertaining. VIP access makes a person feel like part of the action. This concept can work to your advantage when creating a blog for your small business.

Giving your readers the VIP treatment can help your blog stand out in a sea of blogs. Making personal connections with customers gives a small business owner a competitive advantage over larger competitors. You can offer a virtual backstage pass inside your business through a high quality blog.

Once you hire blog writers to manage your blog content, you can include these specific tour stops in your blog’s backstage tour:

Case Studies

Tackling current industry trends can help establish your insider credentials. Explore a current trend through case studies. If you own sporting goods store, for example, you can do a case study looking at design changes in new ski equipment and show what impact it is having in reducing accidents or limiting injuries. It gives your readers better information for making purchases and shows them they can trust you as an authority in your industry.

Product Reviews

Choosing between brands when buying a product can be a tough decision. You can make it easier as a small business owner by offering product reviews on your blog. These reviews can compare and contrast brands or measure a new version of a product against previous models. A good product review will touch on design or technological changes, performance tests and any potential problems a consumer might have with the product.

Success Stories

Everyone wants to see how using your product or service will benefit their lives. Your blog is the perfect place to share success stories. You can invite a satisfied customer to write a guest post and submit it to your blogging team. Your customer can share insights into how your product or service made their life easier or improved it in some way. It puts a human face on your business.

Lessons Learned

Failure is as good of a learning tool as success. You can craft blog content that shows your audience where you made mistakes, steps you took to correct those mistakes and the lessons you learned along the way. Sharing your failures along with your successes will turn your blog into a useful resource for readers who want to learn what it takes to make it in your industry.

Expert Interviews

What is better for positioning yourself as an industry leader than connecting with other industry leaders? Include a Q&A with an industry leader from time to time. Discuss their role in your industry and highlight their successes, challenges and advice they can offer your audience. They will relish the chance for their voice heard and it will help you make valuable industry connections.

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