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Video – Beyond YouTube – Using Video to Reinvigorate Your Content

A blog is a powerful tool for small businesses. It is another way to attract potential customers to your store – online or brick and mortar – and to also help generate leads. However, many business blogs fail to deliver the droves of customers that were expected to appear. There are many reasons why a blog may fail. Not all of those reasons deal with SEO. That process can be as simple as not delivering a message people hear. For example, visual learners like to watch rather than read, and that is where video comes into the big picture.

The Pros of Video as Part of Content

You don’t need a powerful YouTube Channel to utilize the prowess of video. In fact, you don’t even have to have a YouTube Account. There are plenty of programs that allow you to create a professional-grade video without all the hassle. Here are a few reasons to consider adding a video to your blog – even your old blogs.

  1. People are willing to spend more time on your site watching videos than reading blogs. That truth comes from the fact that many people want you to tell them why they need your product. A video not only tells a potential customer why they need your product but also it shows them why.
  2. Video is more dynamic – A video inside of a blog post enables you to span many types of learning, and that is powerful. There are some seven different types of learning, and visual is one type people love. After all, a video is visual and auditory.
  3. Video is sharable content. When people are excited about something, they share it. That makes video both a powerful form of social or solitary learning. After all; Since January 2018, 50 percent of Americans watch videos every day –
  4. Video makes a wonderful teaching format, and that can reach people who may not speak your language.
  5. Adding Video to your existing content is like spring cleaning. The process helps to make old content seem new, and the Search Engines will notice.

How to Use Video to Help Reinvigorate Your Content Library

All forms of content need to begin with a plan. In marketing, we call that a #contentstrategy. The reason for the plan is that it enables you to define the goals that you want each piece of content to achieve. Now, the goals do not need to stay the same. In fact, they should differ. The focus should always be the message you want viewers to see. For example, If you write a blog about a product you sell, the video can help recap some of the more technical aspects of the blog. In short, the video’s goal would be to illustrate the complicated way a product is assembled.

The value of a webpage is seen by reading the analytics. The bounce rate is a metric that tells you how long people stay on the page or site. If your bounce rate is high, then people are not enjoying the content. A video not only helps to improve the bounce rate metric, but it also helps to keep visitors on your blog longer. After all, it takes a few minutes to watch most videos.

  • Step 1 – Make a plan that outlines what the blog should do and how the video will support that goal.
  • Step 2 – Create a video or have one made for you. Be sure to mention your keywords in the video as most search engines can not understand spoken languages.
  • Step 3 – Embed the video into the content and be sure to place in a spot where people who just scan the page can find it easily.

If needed, you can invite the search engine AI to crawl the new page and rank it. With video onboard, the ranking of your blog posts should increase. It never hurts to add a quality call-to-action at the end of the blog and the end of the video.

One of the biggest downfalls of video for marketing is disappearing. As more people sign up for unlimited data via their mobile carriers, video becomes more relevant. Is it time for you to add video to your content library? The answer to that question comes down to your #buyerpersona, and the metrics your website or blog achieves.

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David S. is an experienced writer with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses. He primarily creates SEO and marketing content for regular clients. He writes for web page designers, marketing companies, outdoor living clients, and pest control companies. His private clients include homestead/prepper magazines, marketing agencies, pest control companies, healthcare affiliates, outdoor living and construction companies, and gardening/nursery companies.

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