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Using SEO to Find Freelance Jobs

searchSearch engine optimization is often used to help customers find products and services on a website, but how often do freelancers know to use it on their own sites to drive prospects to their door? The same principles that work so well at driving organic search traffic can be applied on freelance writer websites to help new customers find you. You don’t have to be freelancing as a writer to take advantage of SEO. If you are not an expert, then you can hire someone to embed SEO techniques into your web pages.

Matching Your Capabilities to Customer Needs

When customers search for freelancers, they will input the keywords for the type of contractor they need. For instance, they may type “freelance writer” or “freelance editor.” However, they also search using terms such as “editing services” or “edit article.” With keyword research, you can determine which search terms are the best to rank for to drive the customers you are looking for to your site. As you design your freelance site, ideally you want to write it to attract your perfect customer and repel the customers who don’t want to use your type of service. In other words, your SEO techniques and on-page language should be designed to appeal primarily to people who are the best bet to buy your products or services. Getting other traffic is nice, but won’t earn you money.

Matching the Terms

For instance, if you are a freelance graphic artist who specialized in restaurant menus, you need to find the right keywords that will draw restaurant owners to your site. Your content should express your experience in creating the graphics for restaurant menus, cafe signage, diner table settings and bar advertisements. In other words, use as many search terms as you can that relate to your topic within your site as you can without sounding awkward. Single words are usually not a good bet for keyword research. Longer word chains, phrases or long-tail keywords are the best choice.

Long-Tail Keywords

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out long-tail keywords. Think about how you narrow down search parameters to search for items yourself. If you look for a white napkin online, you will get too many results. Instead, look for “white cocktail napkins for a wedding in linen,” you will get much closer to what you are searching for. Use this same method to devise long-tail keywords for your freelance site. Remember, that you can add and adjust your content on pages whenever you want to modify or add keywords that will better serve you.

Writer Bio: Paula A is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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