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Using Keywords for Content Ideas

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There’s a degree of difficulty that comes with getting started in content marketing. Coming up with a great marketing plan is only part of the battle. It’s even more important to come up with relevant content that convinces viewers to initiate a relationship with your organization. And while idea generation may seem easy at first, it quickly gets much more challenging.

What People Want

In addition to the issue of coming up with ideas, there’s also the matter of disconnect that often comes up when creating content. The things that interest you, as a business owner, might not necessarily align with what customers care about. This means that there’s a very good chance that the content you produce is completely irrelevant. That’s a recipe for failure if there ever was one.

The entire premise of content marketing is based on your ability to fill a niche and encourage people to learn more about that niche. You can’t accomplish that if you’re in the dark regarding what people want. It’s up to you to find ways to move beyond your interests and engage the interests of the people who may potentially become customers.

The Power of Keywords

Companies use Web analytics for a variety of reasons, but those reasons always come from the same place – a desire to learn more about the people who have expressed interest in the company. In your case, there’s a specific section of analytics that means more to you than anything else.

The keywords that bring visitors to your site are absolutely vital to your success in content marketing. Why? Because a website visit is never just a random hit. It’s an effort to learn something. It’s your job to tailor your message to these people by delivering content that compels them to take action. Analyzing the keywords that lead to your site can help you to understand what people are really looking for, which will help you to cater your marketing to the needs of this group.

User Intent

Identifying the intent of a search isn’t just an exercise for content brainstorming. It’s a legitimate marketing concept that is used by top companies all over the world. The benefits of understanding user intent goes well beyond content marketing. It can show you areas that have been neglected by the market. It can help you to better position yourself so that you stand apart from your competition. Most importantly, it’ll help you to better understand the customers that you already have, enabling you to keep them coming back for more.

You don’t have to overboard with SEO marketing to understand the value of keywords. They’re highly valuable tools in terms of getting to know the needs of your customer base. By centering your content marketing around the keywords that lead visitors to your site, you’ll be able to focus your public image on what people really want, and not just what you think they want.

Bryan B is a freelance writer based in Long Island, NY. He will miss Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum very much.

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