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Using Humor to Entertain Customers Through the Sales Funnel

entertain customers sales funnel

Dare to be seriously funny. Wit is a stylish and memorable method of sharing insights and truths. It is a documented fact that only the truth is funny. Employ humor to entertain and engage B2B and B2C evangelists as they travel through the sales funnel because humor puts people at ease, makes fans favorably disposed to your message, and impresses customers with the intelligence behind the chuckles.

Humor attracts customers and forms a bond of communication. An amusing presentation not only leads people to learn about your service or product, but it keeps them mesmerized as they discover what you have to offer. The longer that you can tempt a browser to contemplate the content, the higher the probability of consummating that vital relationship: making the sale. Studies have shown that one of the critical indicators of making a deal is trust, and that online decision making is often based on cognitive perceptions of associative reasoning. Seriously. Own it.

8 Seconds to Glory

Levity is a sublime method to showcase your brand. Sprinkle it lavishly in media, sales pitches, and presentations. The approach can be sophisticated, witty, earthy, sly, subtle, bold, edgy, or advanced. A punchline revolving on a Latin double-entendre will work differently than an approach based on anatomical functions. Utilizing humor helps you to seriously entertain your fans.

A 2015 study by Microsoft disclosed that the typical browser now alights on a webpage for 8 seconds. That’s one second less than the nine-second attention span of… a goldfish. Draw your fans in and keep them mesmerized with wit. Levity is also a marvelous method to impart valuable information to customers. From performing schedules to set-up instructions, some things will work much more smoothly if people know and understand what is going on and why it will rock their world.

The Funny Bunny Helps to Make Money!

Want a unique tool that is customizable? Humor can be a means to emphasize vital information. For example, one entertainment website wanted folks to understand that there were many ways to troubleshoot the app’s potential problems with a download/sound issue. Remarkably simple yet extraordinarily dry reading. Until the fans read the words that if rubbing on a lucky rabbit’s foot didn’t pan out, there were easy-peasy instructions on proffer.

The joke caught people’s attention, which got them to slow down and peruse the instructions. Understanding options contributed to fan satisfaction. Fan satisfaction led to repeat business. See how nicely this works out for everyone? Well, maybe not for the rabbit. No, wait! The rabbit was a clever construct. Only metaphorical bunnies were used. What using wit did was allow the company to acknowledge a potential issue that some clients occasionally experienced with a calming joke thus highlighting the workaround. If they had gone straight into geek speak, well, then people might freak and skip the directions. Wit and bunnies saved the day. Win-win!

Wit Wins Again!

Levity works with face-to-face transactions, and it works with a B2B or B2C presentations. Think about when you last landed that hot date, which is a subset of the interpersonal sale. You might have considered visiting a comedy club because laughing together creates an excellent introduction and provides a premium bonding experience. Patronizing a comedy club is more enjoyable than hitting the kvetching club. This is why humor has a long and noble history in the realm of sales.

Nothing prepares fanboys and fangirls for a pleasurable interaction like humor. Well, there is Grey Goose vodka, but consider what buying a drink for every fan will do to your bottom line. Liqueur may be quicker, but wit travels better over the internet.

The Hooker

Human nature is amazingly complex and nuanced. For instance, it may be tough to end the day, but when your alarm goes off, you discover that you’ve bonded with your bed. Remember your first beer? It took you all of, say, five or seven sips to develop a taste for a brew. And we all enjoy buying things, but we are reluctant to be sold; we’d rather be charmed. Like falling in love, you want to think that coming to a decision and making that commitment is your idea. Lead your fans to your services and products. Humor will get them hooked, while your quality will keep them obsessed.

Humor Stands Up for Truth

Delight and bedazzlement aren’t just for splash pages and date nights. Make humor one of your signature moves throughout your presentation. Newsletters, blogs, videos, apps, articles, contests, and limericks are all enhanced by keen insight, irony, wit, and clever wordplay. It’s a crowded field out there: Stand apart from your competitors with humor. From amusing mascots to succulent slogans, from cool taglines to wicked-smart websites, from bodacious blogs to powerful presentations, go funny to get money. Earn accolades and loyalty from your fans with charm and wisdom that turns upon a fulcrum of integrity, remarkable insights well-shared, and the joy of crafting community. Yeah, baby!

Levity will help you to gain the attention of your browsers and the respect of your fans. It codifies your audience, builds your brand, commands the hearts and minds of your evangelicals, and wit will deliciously lubricate and expedite the customer’s experience as they Fandango through the sales funnel.

For articles, blog posts, marketing material, reviews, and product descriptions that excite the reader’s interest by using clear, concise language and incorporating research and expert resources, London R helps you to present your best media presence to the world. It is a busy Web out there; stand out with the excellence of your content. Client satisfaction is her number one priority, and she is committed to successfully communicating your message by informing, educating, and entertaining the reader.

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