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Using Customer Data to Speak to the Hearts of Social Media Users


What is the first thing you do when you roll out of bed in the morning? Do you slowly make your way to the kitchen to whip up a few fluffy pancakes? Do you fire up the coffee pot for some tasty French Vanilla coffee?

For all of you smartphone users out there, there’s an 80 percent chance that you check your phone for messages and alerts within the first 15 minutes of opening your eyes. That’s right. And there’s also a great possibility that your messages and alerts are being sent to you via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Keeping this in mind, if you’re a marketing manager, you need to be taking full advantage of connecting with your customers on social media networks. Even more importantly, you need to use your customers’ data found on these sites to connect with them in a personable way. Fortunately, to achieve this goal, all you need to do is get your customers to follow your employer’s social media profiles.

Getting Customers to Follow Your Profile

As stated before, accessing customer data on social media platforms usually requires that you connect with your customers, or that they connect with you. To increase connections, you’ll want to offer a variety of incentives. Lots of businesses have found success in connecting with customers by offering them a BOGO discount. Once the customer connects, the BOGO offer is then sent via email or through the platform’s messaging system.

Using Social Media Data to Your Advantage

When customers connect with your company on social media platforms, you can then access a wide-range of info about them (this is assuming they share their personal info with friends, followers, etc.). From age, gender, addresses, telephone numbers and more, all of this information can usually be obtained from a person’s profile.

Let’s say you have a customer named Sarah. Sarah follows your company’s profile on Facebook after reading a well-written article on BuzzFeed created by an extremely talented professional sales copywriter.

Once Sarah has connected with you, you can then look at the about section of her profile. In doing this, you see that she’s 23-years-old, has a birthday on September 15th, and one of her hobbies is hiking. Being that you sell sports apparel, you decide to send Sarah a 20% off coupon at the first of September, telling her happy birthday. Sarah greatly appreciates the gesture and chooses to take a look at your inventory so that she can use the coupon you sent her. It’s a win-win for the both of you.

Speaking to the Hearts of Your Customers

If you want to connect with your customers, you must do so in a personal way. You must relate to them in a way that shows you truly care, and there’s no better way to do this than by using the data that they provide you via social media networks.

Sure, it’s going to take lots of time and effort to gather information, such as birthdays, hobbies, and phone numbers, from your customers’ profiles, but you can rest assured that the time invested will be well worth it.

Whitney W creates content for both online and offline clients. She spends her days switching back and forth between the roles of a content writer, mother, and wife. As she continues to progress in her career as a content creator, she has learned the importance of connecting with clients via social media platforms . In fact, it is social media that has brought her the most success as a professional freelance writer.

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