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Using ABM Marketing Strategies for Content Management

Account-based Marketing or ABM is a hot trend that is changing the way businesses market their products and services. The gist of AMB is that it singles out businesses from the marketplace and then turns it into a market of one.

That process might seem like a head-scratcher for content management and promotion, but there is a relationship between the two. With ABM, you become the end-all for that client, and that is a focus that content management needs. Here’s a closer look at how that works.

The Convergence of Sales and Marketing

With ABM, sales and marketing become a cohesive unit. Content is much the same. It is many approaches, giving the same message. When you combine those approaches so that the “song” they sing resonates with a single person or group, you’ve achieved a state of ABM. Here’s an example.
You are using content to sell scarves, and you’ve hit a demographic that is loving your products. You realize that winter is coming and those people who are buying scarves are going to need a hat. So, you make hats, but not just any hat. You make hats that fit each of the customers’ needs.
In ABM, you must care about your client to the point where you are creating products and services that they need, even before they realize they need those items.
When you use ABM tactics to enhance the experience of content management, you are taking that extra step to care about your client’s blog or content library. You care to the point that you are developing content that goes beyond “need” so that their content library is the end-all for their readers.

The Impact on Content Through ABM

So, content development changes. It moves away from the general approach of the buyer’s journey, and it begins to focus on individual prospects. Yes, you are creating content for a market of one. The material touches each of that prospect’s pain points, and it does so with empathy. That is what successful companies that use ABM marketing do for their prospects.

The Content Side of ABM Content Management

Today, I am writing a newsletter for a single person – not a client, but for an individual customer. Pursuing that goal creates content that is “honest,” but that also solves the problems that this person has in their professional life. For example, they are having a difficult time managing all of their data, and at the same time, they are guiding prospects through the buyer’s journey but losing them at the conversion level.
What I am writing about is MarStacks – Marketing Tech Stacked – groupings of tech that do many things without relying on a single platform. Some of these are silly little apps that do powerful things. Many help to keep prospects moving down the buyer’s journey and some reach out to leads to remind them they need whatever you are selling. The short of it is that MarStacks help to improve #conversion rates.
For my client’s prospect, that is what they need. They are doing an excellent job of getting internet users to the Learn-More button, but something in that process fails, and the prospect bolts. MarStacks are a way to solve that problem, and they become a gateway for my client to help the prospect in other ways. Ways that convert that prospect from a blog subscriber to a customer. Thus, the newsletter for an audience of one.
Once the prospect is on board, my client will address other pain points that are specific to their needs. Today, it was a newsletter, tomorrow a blog post, and then a how-to video all designed and created for an audience of one.
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David S. is an experienced writer with a focus on small- and medium-sized businesses. He primarily creates SEO and marketing content for regular clients. He writes for web page designers, marketing companies, outdoor living clients, and pest control companies. His private clients include homestead/prepper magazines, marketing agencies, pest control companies, healthcare affiliates, outdoor living and construction companies, and gardening/nursery companies.
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