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Using a Ghostwriter to Create Engaging Vlogs

Video blogs, or “vlogs”, are blogs that are spoken rather than written and involve someone talking into a video camera for the purpose of conveying all sorts of information. People who make many vlogs and continuously post them on YouTube or on a personal blog are called “vloggers”. Vlogging has actually created quite a few internet celebrities, such as Shane Dawson, William Sledd and the now infamous Chris Cocker, most notable for filming his riotous impersonation of an overemotional volcano erupting in tears, whimpers and hot-blooded histrionics over poor Britney Spears.

Fortunately, vlogs can also be used as effective marketing and advertising tools when scripts are written by professional freelance copywriters. Businesses that consistently publish cleverly written vlogs containing content that is optimized to interest and attract customers greatly benefit from the blend of animated imagery and resourceful writing provided by freelance marketing writers. Moreover, results from hundreds of psychological studies performed by marketing and advertising researchers show that humans are indeed visual creatures and prefer the color, movement and real-time feel of a vlog over reading a script of the same vlog.

What Kind of Vlog Scripts Effectively Promote Products or Services?

Although Mr. Crocker’s tear-filled screechings of “leave Britney alone!” established a well-deserved internet meme that gained him a rabid fanbase and YouTube celebrity status (he is now paid by YouTube to publish vlogs!), businesses wanting to use vlogs as a way to expose and market their products should not even think about imitating the live-wire antics of Crocker just to draw attention to their product. Instead, marketing vlogs should be used to gently but thoughtfully promote something while also packaging and solidifying a company’s reputation.

Even the most useful or well-made product will not sell if the advertising campaign supporting it is amateurish, poorly written and shows lack of respect for the company itself. An example of this kind of unprofessional and ineffectual marketing technique can be found on those late-night “infomercials.” It is obvious by viewing these horrors that attempting to sell something by relying on insipidly written scripts spoken by actors who appear to be as bored as a drilled hole only makes the company appear unreliable and suspicious. Would you purchase something offered by an infomercial that makes you laugh hysterically at 2:00 in the morning? Of course not!

Business-based vloggers can hire a ghostwriter capable of composing a compelling script for their vlog by visiting well-established content providers offering freelance writers for hire. With years of experience tucked into their back pockets, savvy copywriters know exactly how to fashion persuasive vlog scripts that are interesting, useful and activating to potential as well as existing customers.

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