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UNHCR and Neil Gaiman: Why You Should Pay Attention to Social Media


In late May, The Guardian published an article by Neil Gaiman about Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. By early June, the article had received thousands of social media shares and likes, which isn’t surprising given Gaiman’s popularity. But why was Neil Gaiman in Jordan and what brought the writer to the subject of UN refugee camps?

UNHCR Social Media

According to Gaiman’s article on Syrian refugee camps, the UNHCR contacted him because someone noticed that when Gaiman retweeted them, more people read the content and took action. Gaiman began paying increasing attention–reading and linking to additional UNHCR content. He volunteered to do more and the UNHCR made a plan to fly the writer, along with fashion designer Georgina Chapman, into Syrian refugee camps for a personal look. That, of course, resulted in Gaiman writing content about the trip.

Seek Partners for Content Opportunities

In addition to a top-notch awareness article and a worthy cause, Gaiman’s article offers a lesson for organizations–non-profit and otherwise–who use social media to attract attention. It’s essential to keep up with statistics for a number of reasons, including the ability to locate possible content partners.

Not every organization will find a connection with someone like Neil Gaiman, but every business has fans and loyal customers. Keep an eye on where traffic and online action is coming from. If one individual or group is responsible for sending readers or customers your way, take time to check them out and don’t be afraid to contact them.

Loyal customers are usually delighted to share information about your business or review items on social media or blogs. There’s a growing number of regular bloggers with decent followings who may be up for guest posting or sharing information, and you never know when a celebrity might be interested in your actions, products, or services. The only thing you know for sure is that ignoring online stats means you’ll miss such opportunities.

Create Your Own Opportunities

Even if social media stats haven’t turned up a promising content partner, consider creating your own opportunities. Stay abreast of information pertinent to your niche, as well as general news. Anytime you can create content that leverages current events, celebrity news, or breaking information within your niche, you’re likely to draw extra attention to the page. Just make sure your content is tightly linked to the rest of your site or your services and products.

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