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Transportation Blogging Tips

Getting from one place to another is important for all of us, and thankfully the transportation industry makes this easier. Depending on who you are, transportation can mean a lot of different things. It can mean having clear and safe sidewalks, roads and bike trails. It can mean having safe airports, bus and train station in order to travel from state to state. And it can mean having public transportation options, such as the bus, subway or a light rail system in order to get around town without a vehicle of your own.

If you can reach people in any of these situations and help them understand various transportation issues you may want to enter into the world of freelance transportation bloggers. Many bloggers have worked in the private sector in transportation related occupations, such as a state Department of Transportation, or as a public transit driver.

Tips for Transportation Blogging

While having non-writing industry experience can be helpful for those who are interested in the different transportation methods and how to either improve them, or make better use of them, many simply draw from their own experience in dealing with various transportation issues in their own community,

Road safety is important to everyone. We have all witnesses distracted drivers, and shared the road with inexperienced drivers, including teenagers. Many of us have dealt with an older relative that has reached the point where they needed to turn in their keys. We all need to go from one place to another while dealing with other people who are doing the same. Most of us have more experience and expertise than we think, so trusting your own experience with transportation is one of the key elements of writing transportation related articles and blogs.

Finding Resources

Among the most useful tools to go to for guidance and inspiration when writing a transportation blog is the US Department of Transportation website. This site touches on a wide variety of transportation related concerns, from updates on aviation to bridge developments and bike paths. There are also links to individual state transportation departments that can give you information regarding what’s going on locally.

News sites and your own local newspaper or local television station can also spring ideas for transportation blogs. Even traffic reports can give you clues as to situations you might want to explore more in depth.

News in Transportation

Transportation is one area where there is always something going on. Many topics can be related to transportation, including the foreign oil market, the popularity of environmentally friendly vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius which was named California’s #1 model, and higher profits for Union Pacific. The news regarding transportation is always on the move, and will continue to move as long as people have somewhere to go.

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