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Translation: From Soup to Nuts (OR: The Nuts and Bolts)


Language translation is complex, ever-evolving and laden with figurative language.
Translation is the art (and science) of turning your words into another language without losing any of the initial meaning along the way. And the art of not losing anything in translation is not an easy one.

Much more than just words and grammar, this multi-faceted job takes a special person. Translators need to be well versed in languages, slang, nuance and the culture(s) involved.

They are vital to our changing world and how we communicate with one another and they can be found nearly everywhere. Translation is like a puzzle comprised of many pieces or a clock with many moving parts. Here is what makes translation tick.


The Essence of Translation

Writing for Language Service Providers. It’s a Human thing

Language is highly subjective, ever changing, born of its culture, occasionally messy, consisting of many layers, and peppered with idioms and slang. It is not an easy algorithm with a neat answer.
Because it is decidedly human and complex, writing for language service providers should be holistic ─always keeping in mind that culture and language go hand-in-hand.

4 Reasons Why the Need for Translators is Growing

While the rest of the country recently fought the recession ills, one industry was virtually immune – translation.

In fact, it grew! Here are the four major factors powering the growth of the industry and cementing the job security of translators.

Once More, With Feeling: How Transcreation Differs from Translation

There’s translation and then there is transcreation, translations empathetic, all-enclusive big sister.

She knows a thing or two because she is responsible for making sure your message feels the same as you originally intended.
A word may change here or a color there, but the “feeling” never does with transcreation.


Types of Translators and Which One Would work for you

How to Choose a Quality Translator

Although it may seem like a difficult task, choosing a quality translator isn’t all that daunting.
All great translators have certain traits in common. Here is what to look for.

Medical Translator Ninjas: Saving Lives One Word at a Time … Or Not

Translators are like ninjas, working under a cloak of invisibility; escaping unnoticed.
If they are successful, translation ninjas damage nothing, but medical translators who make errors can cause a lot of harm.
Often it can be the difference between life or death.

Why Using Machine Translation Is Just Not Enough

Relying solely on computers to do translation jobs is never a good idea.
Sure, machine translation can be faster and cheaper, but it also strips language of its essence, unwinding the tightly woven threads of nuance and culture which give language it’s color, form, substance, and personality.

Machines have eons to go and many kinks to work out before they can truly and completely take away the job security of human translators.


The Comical…and not so Comical.. Aspects of Translation

Translation Blunders: From Silly to Serious

Global success depends upon quality translation.
Translation blunders encompass everything from silly and simple translation errors to embarrassing gaffes─  thus proving the power of language and the importance of careful translation and deep cultural understanding whenever you are attempting to enter the global marketplace.

Answers to the 8 questions translators hear most

The complex field of translation is often misunderstood.
Often translators hear questions born out of curiosity or lack of understanding about their profession.

Here are the eight most common questions they encounter:


Marketing and Translation Go Together Like Mac and Cheese

How to Enter the Global Marketing Sandbox

When entering the global marketing sandbox, there are steps that need to be taken to avoid tripping and stubbing your toes. Each step requires embracing culture and language as you go to ensure you reap the most rewards in the global market playground.


Translation: The Secret to Your Success*

Being successful in the global market takes courage, resources and a whole lot of translation – and translators should enter the show early in the process.
Companies see how the demographics of a shifting world guarantees a need for translation and that need is growing.

Whatever your needs, there is a translator equipped with the right jargon and expertise to help you with everything from legal documents to successful global marketing initiatives.

As we strive to communicate around the globe, translators are with us every step of the way to help ease transitions and make the journey easier, more profitable and—best of all— more enjoyable.

Ilona K

Guest Author

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