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Transform into a Content Writing Chameleon

chameleonChameleons are famous in nature for being able to blend into surroundings to elude predators. A chameleon can change color to mask its appearance and resemble a plant or tree rather than a reptile.

Becoming invisible is a quality article writers should adapt when creating content. A versatile writer knows how to tackle a topic and disappear into the content. If your target audience is distracted by how you structure words and ideas, your content becomes less appealing in a hurry – no matter how good the central ideas are.

There are a few simple things you can do to give your writing that chameleon-like quality:

Immerse yourself in the niche culture

Writers always need to identify their audience and get a feel for how they think. If you don’t speak the same language as your audience, they will tune out your content. The best way to speak the same language is to immerse yourself in your target niche. Subscribe to relevant blogs and newsfeeds. Join conversations within the niche community to get an accurate feel of the lingo.

Write naturally

No one has invented content writing robots yet. So there’s no reason to imitate one in your own writing. Make it feel real and natural. Treat your words on your page or screen like a conversation you’re having with a friend. Eliminate formal writing whenever possible to make your content easier to read. That will also make the information easier to absorb.

Budget your words

19th century novelists got paid by the word. That’s one reason why any book written by Charles Dickens is almost as thick as an encyclopedia. You can’t follow the same path as a content writer. Hook your reader within a few sentences and make your point quickly. Budget your words by keeping sentences short and precise. Break up content into smaller paragraphs and lists to make it an easier read.

Make topics fit your style

Adding a dash of your personality into your writing is what sets it apart from the crowd. There are no new ideas under the sun. Content becomes unique through the new angle a writer explores on a familiar idea. Weave concepts and ideas into anecdotes or stories that your audience finds informative, engaging and amusing. This is key to earning their trust and securing their allegiance to your content.

Build authority through value

Content only works when it offers valuable information to its target audience. Build authority and credibility with readers by carefully researching your topic and supporting each point with facts. Always make an effort to include actionable information that your audience can use in their lives. These two things will maximize your content’s value.

John C is a seasoned writer and editor who counts multiple publications and websites among his extensive freelance portfolio. John puts his talents to good use on assignments that include covering major sports teams and athletes, writing about the great outdoors and chronicling business news and trends.

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