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Trade Magazines and Publications for Foodie Freelance Writers

How can you enjoy everything under the sun from oversized Mexican tortas to Belgian fries to Jamaican jerk chicken? Well unless you want to be as large as a beached whale, get your foodie fix as a freelance food writer. Give in to your food cravings by writing content related to the food industry. Envision yourself partnering up with Rachel Ray or Anthony Bourdain or Julia Childs for the next greatest food guide. But before you score your own show on the Food Network, wet your whistle on the information provided by these top rated foodie mags.

Bon Appetit

Serving up flavorful verbiage since 1956, Bon Appetit is sassy and sharp-witted. Check out articles with titles including “Happy Endings, Paris Style” and “Extreme Makeover: Gingerbread Home Edition” in this high-end food mag. Bold and spicy, Bon Appetit keeps food writers fueled for fresh content.

Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated hit the one million subscriber mark in 2007 after being discontinued in 1989. A phoenix in the ashes, this foodie fav picks an average of 10 recipes per issue. Then, their food writers take the Julia Child’s approach by writing out a narrative for each recipe. An article typically includes the writer’s personal connection to a recipe, his tips for producing a perfect dish, and the difficulties he encountered when making the dish.

Everyday with Rachel Ray

A spunky and exciting food related publication, Everyday with Rachel Ray offers glossy lollipops each month filled with useful information for someone who spends everyday in the kitchen. Popular among home cooks and housewives, Rachel Ray keeps her magazine focused on innovative recipes using commonly found ingredients.

Clean Eating

A mag focused on natural foods and healthy eating, Clean Eating is like a summer garden overflowing with fruits and veggies. This vibrant publication provides a resource for writers interested in the newest trends in clean eating, which involves eating nutrient dense foods that are low in fat, sodium and sugar.

Vegetarian Times

Meat free and liking it, Vegetarian Times offers more than just tofu recipes and ways to make your own dairy free yogurt. Nurture your content writing by learning how vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice. Forge through articles about mindful exercise and health related topics associated with not eating animal products. Each month a seasonal food is featured to keep your meat free lifestyle fresh and flavorful.

Food Writer Tips

If you want to sink your teeth into the topic of food writing for any print magazine, start with an appetizer rather than the full monty. Submit food prep tips and short blips related to seasonal foods in your area. Look for morsels about regional farmers markets and food shows to submit as snack size submissions. Once you’ve shown you’ve got more staying power than the McRib, pitch your article idea with the aspirations that you’ll get a bite. If you submit recipes, never, ever, ever copy a recipe verbatim, and test out the recipe before submission if it is your own concoction. Finally, notice that all magazines plan their publications six months in advance. So if you want to submit writing content about holiday cookies, pitch the idea in July.

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