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Top Magazines Read by Freelance Medical Writers

Writers who wish they were doctors, and vice versa, can get their thrills as freelance medical writers. Spend your research time discovering the latest in the revolutionary new meds offered by pharmaceutical companies. Chat about visionaries in the medical field who are saving lives in war scarred territories. Trade periodicals provide medical writers a catalyst for writing medical related articles. If you want to forge ahead as a freelance writer with a medical focus, attract the right audience by doing your research.


If you have a passion for writing about cancer, or you are a cancer survivor, nurture your resume by reading and writing for Cure magazine. Established in 2002, Cure provides the latest information in cancer research, educational forums and resources for patients diagnosed with cancer. To write for Cure, you must have a medical writing background or have a history of cancer-related illness.

Arthritis Today

In each gleaming issue of Arthritis Today, you are given much more than a super simple mag about arthritis. Find information on bone related diseases, such as osteoporosis, as well as holistic remedies including yoga and deep breathing exercises that are used to combat arthritis. If you would like a preview of the contents, sign up today for your free issue, a lollipop that can help foster your interest in medical writing.


The Journal of Emergency Medical Services, JEMS, attracts readers interested in emergency medicine and hospital care in the emergency room. As a revolutionary in the emergency care industry, discover the latest interests related to this medical specialty. Plan to write for JEMS? Nurture your writing by reading through several issues of this publication and it can pay off well with writers earning $200 to $400 per feature article.


If writing about the field of nursing adds sparkle to your day, consider reading NurseWeek. While writers attracted to being published in NurseWeek must have a nursing background, anyone can mull through the research and statistics to pad their medical articles.

As a freelance writer interested in becoming a medical evangelist, nurture your reading with a diverse offering of medical journals that extend beyond the field of interest, such as emergency medicine or nursing, to give your writing a breath of fresh air. Also, check with associations including the World Association of Medical Editors and the American Medical Writers Association to learn about the latest and grooviest articles that are being written in this industry.

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