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Top Magazines and Trade Journals for Freelance Legal Writers

Wish you could channel the legal advice of Atticus Finch or Perry Mason while you forge ahead with writing about legal issues as a freelancer? Nurture your legalese by joining a force of freelance legal writers dedicated to justice and the use of legal jargon in the proper setting. Check out the top periodicals used by freelance writers looking for legal lollipops.

ABA Journal

Open an issue of ABA Journal to read “law news now” that will not leave you snoring in your desk chair. Expect to find articles, such as “Brain Trials: Neuroscience is Taking a Stand in the Courtroom” and “Apple Devices are Popular Among Lawyers in Smaller Firms.” This chipper mag gives you plenty of resources for out of the box thinking that will help you attract a much larger readership.

Law Officer

In Law Officer Magazine, get the scoop in law enforcement and the police force. Discover the revolutionary tactics used by cops in the force, as well as about the sparkling new tasers and pistols finding their way into the belts of policemen and women. If you are interested in writing about the law enforcement industry, you will find plenty of ammunition in Law Officer.

Paralegal Today

Get inside the minds of paralegals across the country with Paralegal Today. Gleam through the glossy pages of this trade publication to give your fans chipper articles related to the paralegal industry. Attract an audience by writing about salaries, job opportunities, and the latest trends in technology. Other delightful resources include how-to guides for paralegals just getting their feet wet and access to digital forms that take the guesswork out of working as a paralegal.

Family Lawyer Magazine

The newbie of the bunch, Family Lawyer Magazine supplies readers with nuggets of information related to family issues with a focus on divorce. Topics include health and well-being for lawyers, financial matters in the office, and case reviews. Fortify your articles with sparkling statistics related to lawyers, their families and their office staff.

As you foster your legal writing with being well-read in the latest legal news, consider other sources of legalese to give you a groovy edge in your work. Start with your local newspaper and read through the police reports and legal publications. You never know where you’ll find the next diamond in the rough that just needs a little polishing to become a great article.

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