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Tips from the Talent Team- Premium Certifications and Company Outing Recap

We're on a boat!
We’re on a boat!

Happy Friday! Your always alert and energetic WA staff are slightly less alert and energetic than usual today because we all attended the first annual company outing last night.

We took a cruise around Boston Harbor followed by a seafood dinner on the waterfront.

The boat was manned by a lively staff, the beer and wine were flowing and nobody fell off when the wind picked up.

Louis and Kristin!
Louis and Kristin!

The first part of the night was such a success the team didn’t think it was possible to get better. But get better it did.

The boat dropped us off on the pier by Legal Seafood Harborside where we dined on fried clams, calamari, oysters, crab legs, shrimp, etc. Oh, and the beer and wine kept flowing.

Needless to say, fun had by all. (Fellow Talent Teamer Louis may have had the most fun out of all us.)

But let’s talk about Premium Certifications.

Under the My Account tab on your profile, all the way at the bottom is the Premium Certifications option. Click on it.

You’ll see 3 tests- Copywriting, Journalistic Writing and and Tech Writing. With the launch of 4.0 (hopefully next week!) we’ll be awarding Premium badges to the top writers in each of these categories.

Unlike Industry and Asset elite, your real life experience in these fields doesn’t play a big part in earning the corresponding badge. And we don’t give you a text box to make your case- it all comes down to your test scores. (Kinda like the applying to college with your SAT scores, but with less long term ramifications.)

We highly encourage everyone to take the tests. A shiny new badge could be in your future. (You’ll feel kinda like a sheriff but without the legal authority to stop crime.)

Have a great weekend. We’ll leave you with this bonus photo from the boat:

Boston Harbor!
Say it like a local: Bahston Hahbah!


Charlotte Garden is WA’s resident content strategist, editor, talent manager and blog header-upper. That makes her almost as busy as you.

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