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Tips for Business Communication

6 Tips for Business Communication

This video comes from Steven R. Van Hook PhD and outlines six important tips for effective business writing. In this video, Van Hook provides his tips along with specific examples for use and phrasing to most clearly convey your business message to your readers.

Van Hook also includes examples of good vs. bad writing throughout the video along with ways to best avoid common mistakes such as use of technical jargon and passive phrasing.

Among the tips expounded upon in the video are:

  1. Use Resonant Characters – Allow relatable characters to tell the story you are writing.
  2. Action Verbs – use strong, active, verbs to propel the reader.
  3. The 8 Word Test – Your noun and verb should appear within 8 words of each other.
  4. Explicit Connectors – Link complex sentences and phrase with connectors (avoid choppiness).
  5. From Old to New – Establish common ground with the reader to lead them from familiarity to new ideas.
  6. The P/S/A Paradigm – Frame the Problem, State a Solution, Call to Action.
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