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Time to Evolve: Social Media Trends in 2020

The social media sector is ever evolving, deviating in some form almost daily. Consequently, it can be a fun endeavor to attempt to predict the upcoming market. Admittedly, without divine knowledge, there is no way to perfectly predict the future, even as it relates to social media. However, the experts of SocialMediaToday are willing to bestow their best educated guess on the rest of us. Read on to learn the six biggest social media trends to look for in 2020. Learn these to evolve your social media marketing strategy and get ready for the new year:

Six Social Media Trends Coming to You in 2020

1.) Influencer Marketing Will Still Hold Weight

According to research featured on Influencer Marketing Hub, some 59% of marketers plan on increasing their influencer budget going into the new year. Turns out, consumers are becoming more and more wary of the many ads crowding their feeds. Today, they desire a trustworthy review from a real person they respect. That is where influencers coming into play. Yes, these influencers can be friends and family, but the influencer budget is utilized to acquire experts, artists and celebrities to serve as influencers on a given product or service.

2.) Shopping on Social Media Will Continue to Grow

Throughout the past year, shopping on social media has increased in popularity. This trend is expected to continue and even grow. Shopping on social media platforms mean consumers can make a purchase while on the platform, without having to go to another site. This feature is especially popular on Instagram. It takes a few simple clicks to go from seeing a product to entering credit card information and making a purchase. Wise brands are utilizing this trend and making it easier for their customers to purchase products, while exploring their favorite social media platforms.

3.) Stories Are an Increasingly Important Feature

The stories feature now present on Instagram and Facebook was made popular by Snapchat. Now, even YouTube has a version of the stories feature. This feature gives visitors authentic insight into a product or subject. The stories disappear quickly, allowing for a great variety of stories featuring sales and other important information. The stories feature is also being individualized to gear specific sales and specials to “insider” customers or followers. In addition, brands can use stories to post questions and polls to encourage engagement.

4.) Augmented Reality (AR) is Going Mainstream

AR is an ever-evolving technology that is applied in eCommerce and applicable for special offers and product discovery. For example, IKEA is using AR to allow customers to see how specific IKEA products will look within their own home. Makeup companies can allow customers to see how certain makeup might look, relators can take potential buyers on a virtual tour of a home they are considering. The possibilities are endless for AR technology, and the wise business will embrace AR and use it to further enhance their marketing strategy into 2020.

5.) Chatbots Are Here to Stay

By the end of 2019, chatbots advanced from answering simple predetermined questions, to a measure of understanding. Chatbots are now able to search the web for a wide range of topics and then answer customers. They can also engage in conversation with multiple consumers at the same time. The intelligence involved in chatbot technology will continue to expand into 2020, making this an increasingly important element for today’s businesses.

6.) Customer Service is Still King

Even with the insurgence of various technologies on social media platforms, the importance of customer service hasn’t disappeared. During business hours, having live customer service interaction available to customers is wise. However, when brands use chatbots in conjunction with their customer service, it allows them to offer 24/7 customer service. Admittedly, chatbots will never replace the personalization of talking to a real person, but after hours or when customer service professionals are unable to address customers in a timely manner, they can stand in the gap and help businesses stay on top of customer service.

What This Means For You

Social media is always evolving. However, because it is such an important tool for businesses to embrace and utilize, it’s vastly important for them to stay abreast of the expected changes. Social media is a valuable tool that allows you as a business owner to communicate and engage with your customers, in a way that simply wasn’t possible years ago. If you desire a new social media strategy or would appreciate some fresh social media content, our professional freelance writers are available to help you today. Contact us at WriterAccess to learn more.


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