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Tie Blog Posts to Current Events to Grow Your Readership

Current EventsWhen you start a business blog, the purpose is to grow your customer base. You do this by enticing readers to check out the blog posts, then getting them interested in the topic enough to move toward your business. In order to get more customers each month, you need to find new readers. More readers on your site and going toward your business means more money on the bottom line at the end of the year.

You can post all month long about your niche topic, but you’ll reach the same core group of readers every time. If you sell t-shirts, people searching for t-shirts may easily find you through your posts, but millions of other people have no way of stumbling onto your blog. If you could somehow tie in other topics with your niche, you’d be able to reach millions of other potential readers.

Think about the latest big news story that hit the internet. Whether it was a natural disaster, a political snafu, or a hit television show, millions of people searched Google to find out more information about it. Sites with any mention of the news story got indexed onto Google under that topic, and had the potential to be found by these people. This is the key to reaching thousands more readers for your blog each month.

Find a big news story and try to tie in your niche topic in a blog post. If you sell cell phones or accessories, tie them in with emergency situations and the ease of calling 911. Have a restaurant? Keep up with diet and health care news to emphasize any healthy meals you offer. Your t-shirt shop would be a natural for stories about comic conventions. Not every topic will fit every business, but even one topic a month can give you a nice bump in readership.

Have your article writers use the topic in one or more blog posts in a subtle fashion, but add the topic keyword twice during the post to allow Google to find it. Use it in the first paragraph, then once again farther down the page. Make a logical connection between your industry and the current event that’s making so much news.

People hungry for news will find your blog page on Google and click on it, hoping for a fresh viewpoint on the subject. If you’ve included a legitimate tie in with the topic, they’ll enjoy the article and possibly click over to your main site. You’ll gather more readers, and allow people to find your blog who might never have heard of it before.

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