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Thursday Trends 9/19/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

This Thursday, we (and this week’s content marketing news) are here to get real about content marketing with a quick chat. If you’ve ever decided not to do something because you were afraid of messing up, then don’t make the same choices in marketing. It’s important not to fail, but also not to continue failing. Read on to learn how you can be fearless jumping into the wind and make sure you only crash once. Plus, learn how to improve your strategy with the latest advice!

Do You Have a Crippling Case of Content Marketing Atychiphobia? 

Failure Is Always an Option (and an Opportunity) via Content Marketing Institute

It’s common for people (even content marketers) to be so afraid of failing that they never even try. Although it’s important to have realistic expectations of your capabilities and limitations, you can’t actually learn what you can and can’t do until you give your content marketing strategy a try.

This article from Content Marketing Institute looks closely at the fear of failing in today’s very visible world, while arguing that shouldn’t fear failure. Although crashing and burning, falling on your face, or missing the winning point can be scary, failures create opportunity, too! Read the full article to find out why you should stop fearing failure and start taking the shot at the buzzer.

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Are You Still Making the Same Mistakes? #ContentFail

6 Content Marketing Mistakes You’re Still Making (and How to Avoid Them)via Social Media Today

Not being afraid to fail is one thing, but continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again is quite another.

Check out this list of commonly repeated content marketing mistakes from Social Media Today to make sure your bravery in the face of failure hasn’t led you to avoid fixing your mistakes when you do fail.

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Invaders from Planet Content Marketing!

Buckle Up! Content Marketing Is Taking Over (In a Good Way) via Forbes

When you picture a content marketing takeover, you probably imagine something like Times Square, New York City on steroids: bright lights, ads everywhere, and everyone viewing targeted media through some sort of high-tech, personalized, open-air delivery.

According to this article from Forbes, however, the content marketing takeover’s happening with fewer bells and whistles. It’s happening right under our noses, while we brush our teeth, and it’s snuck into non-cable programming. Your content marketing can be sneaky, too. Find out how to make experiential marketing work for you and make your brand part of the invasion.

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How to Market to People, When You’re Not Rallying Robots

5 Ways to Use Psychology to Improve Your Content Marketing via Search Engine Journal

It’s a simple fact that blanket marketing doesn’t work as well as targeted marketing. But how can content marketers adjust content to appeal to their specific audiences?

The answer’s easy, too! Psychology. Take a look at this article from Search Engine Journal for a few tips on using psychology to target your content marketing campaigns to the squishy organ between your audience’s ears.

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How to Make Your Content Marketing Team Spine-Tinglingly Good

Who Done It?! Clues to Putting Your Content Strategy into Play with Designated Roles via WriterAccess

Maybe you’ve figured out what content marketing is and maybe you even have a strategy. But executing your strategy? Well, suppose that’s still a mystery.

Sound familiar? If you’re nodding yes, then this article from WriterAccess can help you solve the mystery by learning the various roles and what the responsibilities of each role are within your content marketing team.

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