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Thursday Trends 8/29/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

In this week’s Thursday Trends, we dive deep into the best of the newest in content marketing news. Dig in and find out how to make the path of least resistance, plan for the future, go shopping, crack the competition, and more.

Save Time with Valuable Tips for Shopping Influencers

5 Ways to Spot a Low-Maintenance Influencer via Business 2 Community

No matter what generation of consumers or types of businesses you’re targeting, influencers are a great way to create buzz around your brand or marketing campaign, but only when they don’t create too much extra work. High-maintenance influencers might cost too much or waste your time.

Follow these tips from this article from Business 2 Community that will help you spot low-maintenance influencers who are relevant to your brand and marketing goals. In the full article, you’ll find strategies for identifying influencers that match your interests and market and more.

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Straighten Out Your Marketing Strategies

Is Your Business Confusing Product Marketing and Content Marketing? via Forbes

When you mix content marketing with product marketing, you make a big batch of suspicion that makes consumers question whether or not they can trust you. Although you might not realize it, consumers who are doing research for information only want to read content that’s going to answer their questions. If you disguise product marketing media to look like informational media, you’ll upset your audience.

In addition to keeping product marketing separate from content marketing, you also need to pay attention to your sales funnel and customer journey. Take a look at this article from Forbes that explains exactly how to get the right information to the right consumers at the right time.

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Are You Ahead of the Curve or Ignoring It?

72% of Marketers Have No Plans to Optimize for Voice Search via Search Engine Journal

As of late, content marketing news has been abuzz with talk about voice search and how it’s going to be the next big thing in content strategy. A recent study of marketing priorities, however, revealed that a vast majority of marketers don’t seem too concerned.

Take a gander at this article from Search Engine Journal to learn more about the study and find out what other marketers’ top priorities actually are. Find out about voice search and decide whether you should be preparing for the next big shift in content strategy.

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Humans Love Stories: It’s a Tale as Old as Time

The Tale of Technology: A Snapshot of the Future of Storytelling via The Drum

Once upon a time, a person told the first story and everyone loved it. The Beginning.

Oral traditions and campfire tales. Fairy tales, epics, storybooks, picture books, novels, and pulp. Movies, sitcoms, serials, and videos. We love stories. We love them any way we can get them. Even in marketing campaigns, people seem to eat up the stories they’re told.

To find out where human storytelling traditions are headed next, take a look at this forward-thinking piece from The Drum, which covers everything from the art of visual storytelling to the future of narrative.

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How to Achieve Stealth Level 10,000

How to Discover Your Competitors’ Content Strategies and Use Them to Your Advantage via WriterAccess

It’s actually not that sneaky, when your competitors are doing it, too. It’s called research, and you can use it to figure out how your competitors are using content and whether their strategies are working for them.

Read through this thorough article from WriterAccess that provides a plethora of resources and strategies that you can use to keep an eye on your competition and make sure your brand’s content marketing strategy is as good or even better.

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Content Flows Like Water; Make the Path of Least Resistance

Successful Content Is Ridiculously Easy to Use via Content Marketing Institute

Easy to use content is successful. What does this mean? It means content that’s simple for your audience (and search engines) to navigate, read, and digest will be successful.

To draw more traffic to your site and increase conversions, take a look at this write-up from Content Marketing Institute and find out what it means to create easy content.


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