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Thursday Trends 8/15/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

What happens when crickets open emails? How long is too long for a listicle? Is metadata unbearably light? Where have all the keywords gone? And will robots ever start a robo-lution?

Get the answers to your burning questions in this week’s Thursday Trends.

A Half-Tushed Take on Content Strategy

How to Build a Data-Driven Content Strategy in One Day via Social Media Today

Short on time, against a deadline, or just feeling lazy? (It’s almost Friday, after all.) Then this build-it-in-a-day strategy on content strategy is perfect for you.

A lot can happen in a day, and apparently a new content strategy can, too. Famous for their functionally fit infographics, Social Media Today has released a nifty one all about building a content strategy in a single day — and not just any content strategy, a smart one, driven by data. If you’d prefer not to dedicate weeks or even multiple days to your plan, take a look at what this infographic has to offer.

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Whoa…So, There’s Like Content Written about Content about Writing Content?

The Meta Behind Content: Understanding How Content Strategy Works via WriterAccess

This article just blew my mind. Dive deep into this bit of content on content marketing, the inner-workings of the inner-webs, and how everything — your content included — is connected.

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Troubleshoot Why No One’s Reading Your Emails

Want More Opens and Fewer Unsubscribes? Fix These 35 Email Mistakes via Content Marketing Institute

Personally, I think this listicle’s about 20 items too long, and if I found it in my inbox, I wouldn’t open it for that reason. That being said, it does contain a lot of good advice. So, if you have 35 minutes or about six weeks to read one per day, your email marketing strategy will be up and running before fall!

All jokes aside, this list from Content Marketing Institute is well-worth your reading time, if you have a list of subscribers and email is part of your content marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing’s Both What You Say and How You Say It

How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Content Strategy in 7 Steps via Business 2 Community

You know you need to optimize your content and website with plenty of keywords, but what are those keywords and which of the potential thousands are the right ones for your business? These are pretty big questions, and if you’ve just been guessing up to now, you’re not alone. Some content marketers stick with broad keywords, hoping to reach lots of people, but they reach too many. Others, use only highly specific keywords and don’t reach enough people. The rest of the guessers, sprinkle SEO here and there and hope for positive results.

There’s a better way to do SEO with keywords; by using the right ones! This nifty article from Business 2 Community provides some relatively simple advice and instruction on how to curate a fruitful keyword list around your business and content strategy goals.

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Have the Robots Taken Over Yet? *Looks at Watch*

Marketing and AI: Key Takeaways You Need to Know via Search Engine Journal

The robots are coming. They’re going to take away our jobs. What happens if they develop wills of their own? Will they take over the world, too? Anywhere people talk about AI, they talk about these fears, too. But just how far has artificial intelligence actually come? How far does it have to go? Is AI coming after your content marketing job next?

This article from Search Engine Journal provides an up-to-date rundown on the status of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Take a look to find out what’s coming next, what changes to expect in content marketing, and to get an ETA on the robo-lution.

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