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Thursday Trends 8/1/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

If you thought content marketing would be a breeze and later found out it’s more of a gale-force wind, then this edition of Thursday Trends is for you. This week, take the struggle out of your strategy with teamwork, a documented plan, and content that turns heads.

What Did You Get Yourself Into with This Content Marketing Thing? 

Content Marketing: It Is Harder Than It Looks via Marketing-Interactive

Whether it be a quaint poem, a pirouette, a beautiful melody, or a funny advertisement, the simplest-seeming things are often the most complex and difficult to pull off without a hitch. It’s the “without a hitch” part that makes it seem easy. In content marketing, when you see a great campaign, take the time to read an article, or watch a video through to the end, do you ever wonder how much effort it took to put that single piece of content together? Probably not, but we’re here to tell you that it likely took more effort than you’d imagine.

When content marketing, the last thing you want is for your content to feel like work — especially to your audience. This article from Marketing-Interactive attempts to take the complexity out of the content marketing challenge by providing readers with three qualities to strive for to create marketing campaigns that seem effortless.

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On Three Say, “Teamwork in Content Marketing!”

How to Survive Content by Committee via Content Marketing Institute

If you’ve ever tried to collaborate with a disparate team of people with different opinions, disconnected ideas, and competing personalities, then you know how difficult trying to achieve a singular vision in content strategy in a workplace can be. Perhaps your content team or committees work great together, but when they present projects to the C-suite, board, or stakeholders, they’re left with a zillion new ideas to incorporate and criticisms to smooth over. What’s left of your content after this process? Usually, a washed-out, directionless version of the original.

This recent article posted on Content Marketing Institute explains why teamwork is essential and unavoidable in content marketing (it’s simply too big and too important of a job for one person to handle). Take a look at the full article to learn how committees and streamlined, organized processes can help you tackle the teamwork challenge.

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Is Your Content a 10? 

What Is Visual Content Marketing? (+Why Is It Important?) via G2 Learning Hub

When focused on content strategy, it’s easy to get distracted with keywords, backlinks, brand voice, and publication channels. But to have a truly attractive content strategy — one that turns heads when it walks down the street — you have to have visual content.

This article is here to explain the various types of content that are considered visual and the best ways to incorporate them into your other forms of content to draw the most attention. Take a look at the full article and take your strategy from blowout to bombshell!

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Should You Include Outsourcing in Your Content Strategy?

How Much of Your Content Strategy Should You Focus on Outsourced Talent? via WriterAccess

If you have written content strategy (and, if you don’t, you should), did you devote any space to procedures and policies for working with outsourced talent? If you outsource any part of your content strategy, then you should document exactly when, how, and why you outsource when you do. When working with people who don’t reside in the adjacent cubicle, it’s easy to encounter miscommunications and unforeseen challenges. Having a strategy in place will help you avoid these problems, while benefiting from everything freelancers can offer your brand.

This recent article from WriterAccess explains exactly how to include outsourced talent in your content strategy in order to develop successful working relationships. The article explains the precise outsourcing procedures, expectations, and requirements that your strategy should outline, while also discussing how to document the tools and information to provide freelancers.

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