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Thursday Trends 7/4/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

From strategizing to publicizing, this edition of Thursday Trends will help you get the resources you need for effective content marketing. Then, you can find out whether your content sucks or if you’re scaring away writers. Finally, implement data-driven improvements to create a content marketing strategy that actually works.

How to Get Your Content Strategy (and Expenses) Approved

How to Make the Content Marketing Case with ROI via Content Marketing Institute

When pitching an endeavor that will cost your company time and money (like an investment in content marketing), simply saying that everyone’s doing it or promising a payoff might not be enough. Odds are the bosses will want to know what to expect in terms of return on investment. For marketers, this can be a little difficult to demonstrate before actually launching a content strategy.

This article from Content Marketing Institute explains, in detail, how you can build a case in favor of content marketing before you’ve really begun. It describes how to explain content marketing strategies, estimate costs, and project returns. You can then present it all in a way that will make financial sense to your superiors and get approval without having to beg.

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Stop Scaring Away Writers

Red Flag Wording You Will Want to Avoid When Seeking Writers (Part I) via WriterAccess

If you’ve ever had a job offer or project sitting around, waiting for a writer — instead of having writers fighting over projects — then something in your job offer might be scaring away potential writers. Apart from actually frightening content or not offering enough pay for the scope of work expected, there are several ways to frighten writers out of taking on your work (and the subtlety of some red flags might surprise you).

This article, Part I of II, from WriterAccess presents several reasons why writers might choose not to work for you. When posting work for writers, leave out the particulars mentioned in this article that might seem like red flags to potential talent. Avoiding these faux-pas will make your opportunities more attractive to writers.

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Only Good Friends Tell You When You Have Something Stuck in Your Teeth

8 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy May Suck via CMS Wire

Everyone enjoys receiving praise. But although it might hurt your feelings, constructive criticism proves to be much more useful than flowery compliments — especially when it comes to content marketing on competitive and saturated platforms.

In this recent article, your good friends at CMS Wire are here to tell you that your content marketing strategy has a bit of latte foam on its nose and lipstick on its teeth. Take a moment to read through the article and check your content marketing strategy in the mirror.

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Does Your Content Have What It Takes to Captivate an Audience?

5 Content Marketing Tips to Help You Connect with Your Audience via Forbes

How does your audience receive your content marketing efforts? When you post something new, do they swat it away like a cloud of flies or savor every sentence like each bite of the oddly popular McRib sandwich?

This article from Forbes provides advice for connecting with a very human audience, reminding us that people like talking with other people, they love stories, they want solutions, they also hate missing out on a good time, and they’re constantly changing. Read through the full article for solutions and advice for connecting your brand with your audience.

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Bolster Your Content Marketing with a Headline from Data Journalism

Data Journalism Dos and Don’ts to Elevate Your Content Marketing via B&T Magazine

Data journalism uses data mining, coding, analytics, graphic design, and writing to discover and tell compelling news stories. The same strategies and principles that are used in data journalism can also be applied to content marketing and content strategy.

This article from B&T Magazine explains how content marketers can gather data and apply what they learn to their content strategies. With some simple dos and don’ts, you can transform your content marketing strategy from mundane to moving in no time!

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