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Thursday Trends 7/25/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Welcome to another edition of Thursday Trends. This week, we take an ax to axioms and a content marketing vision test. We learn how to grow lead generation and how to apply what we know about neuroscience to content. Plus, take a moment to remember the top reason why you got into content marketing in the first place.

Does One Size Ever Fit All?

There Are No Universal Truths in Content Marketing (Sort of) via Search Engine Journal

A quick search for “content marketing advice” floods search results with best-practices articles, which tend to recommend a pretty generic approach to content marketing. (What else can these writers do, when they want every content marketer — not just one — to read their articles?)

This article from Search Engine Journal puts the idea of “best practices” to bed, sort of. Sure, it can still be said with confidence that there are some universal truths when it comes to content marketing, like being sure to answer questions and never leaving an index tag blank. But not every on-size-fits-all approach in content marketing actually works. When it comes to creating content that helps you reach your brand’s specific goals, you’ll need an individualized appraoch. Read through the full article for specific advice on how to fill in the answer to the question: what’s the best way to do content marketing?

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Have You Had Your Content Marketing Vision Tested Lately?

2020 Content Marketing: What’s Clear and What Needs to Be in Focus via Content Marketing Institute

Do me a favor. Put on your content marketing goggles for a moment. Now, look around. What do you see? Is it clearly in focus, fuzzy around the edges, or completely blurry?

With expert opinions and advice, this article from Content Marketing Institute provides insight on what’s blurry and what’s in focus with regard to content strategy. Take a look at the complete article and ask yourself whether you’re blurry or seeing clearly when it comes to content marketing strategy.

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Why Are We Doing This Again? Back to the Basics of Content Marketing

How to Stimulate Consumer Interest Through Content Marketing via Entrepreneur

Have you ever encountered an “I can’t see the forest for the trees” moment in content marketing? In other words, bogged down in strategy, have you ever lost sight of your ultimate goals for content marketing — stimulating consumer interest?

Let this recent article from Entrepreneur remind you of your true goals for content strategy — namely attracting a wider audience and gaining more loyal customers. Plus, enjoy some advice on how to stimulate brand interest to make sure your content strategy’s still on track.

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This Is the Consumer Brain. This Is the Consumer Brain on Content Marketing.

Neuroscience and Branding: Peering into the Brains of Your Customers via WriterAccess

Why do you respond the way you do to certain ads or marketing? Why, after seeing a giant pizza on a billboard, are you suddenly convinced you need a pizza? Why do we like wearing items that we see other people wearing? Why do jingles stick in our heads for decades? It’s all thanks to neuroscience and the way talented advertisers use it.

This article from WriterAccess is here to remind all of us that we’re not marketing to the consumer; we’re marketing to the consumer brain. Check out the full article for advice, kind of like using Jedi mind tricks, on marketing to the consumer brain, rather than consumers.

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How to Get More Leads with Content Marketing

How to Use Content Marketing to Improve Lead Generation via Forbes

Sure, everyone loves having a solid base of loyal customers, but if new traffic to your website or subscriptions have slowed recently, then you need to improve lead generation. One of the best ways to improve sales, impressions, readership, viewership, and grow your business is by generating new leads.

This article from Forbes provides a few straightforward ways to improve your strategy with the specific goal of generating more leads with content marketing. Take a look at the full article to learn how to make content that attracts the right people, establishes your value, and motivates consumers to improve your strategy and lead generation.

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