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Thursday Trends 7/11/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

The dog days of summer have arrived. With hazy, humid, heat, it’s natural to lighten your workload, kick back, and enjoy a cool drink. In this Thursday Trends, find out how to create an immersive experience, like cannon-balling into a pool, for your audience. Then, take time to stop and smell the advertisements, go with the whitespace flow, and craft the perfect content cocktail.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Next Experiential Content Marketing Campaign

What Content Strategy Looks Like in Experiential Marketing via Tech Funnel

The concept of experiential marketing revolves around involving customers in your brand experience rather than talking at them about your brand, as you might in regular, run-of-the-mill advertising. When you think of experiential marketing, PR stunts and real-live events like fun runs and ice cream socials probably pop into your mind. But experiential marketing is incredibly versatile and can be so much more, if you know how to use it.

This article from Tech Funnel gives several examples of how you can use experiential marketing in your content marketing campaign by making use of social media, live streams, and even interactive landing pages. Take a look at the full article to get the scoop on providing meaningful, enjoyable experiences to keep your audience feeling involved in and connected to your brand.

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When You Like an Ad or Article, Do You Ever Stop to Wonder Why?

What Content Really Engages? The Inside Scoop from 30 Marketers via Content Marketing Institute

Whether cruising social media feeds, channel surfing, or reading billboards in traffic, ads sometimes stick, make us chuckle, make us cry, or make us curious to know more. Other content, however, we see and forget without ever feeling compelled to respond. When you have these various responses to marketing content, do you ever take a moment to wonder why it worked or didn’t? Why you shared it with your friends or didn’t?

In this article from Content Marketing Institute 30 professional marketers discuss why content engages them, individually. They also provide examples of what, in their opinions, works and what doesn’t. Take a look at the full article to find out how emotions, connections, truths, and more come together to turn out compelling content.

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How Well Do You Write Between the Lines?

Why Does Whitespace Matter on the Web? via WriterAccess

Instinctively, we all know that large, dense, infinitely long blocks of text are bad. How do we know this? Because we no one enjoys reading them. This kind of content requires squinting, reading glass, or an exceptionally long arm. It leads to losing place and eye strain. Frankly, staring down a page of unbroken text is intimidating. Thinking about getting buried under all those tiny, black, type-printed words is claustrophobic.

Whitespace, this article from WriterAccess explains, gives readers room to breath, flow through the content, and digest it at their own pace. The article also provides advice for using whitespace strategically to draw a reader’s attention where you want it most. Check out the full article — and its use of whitespace — to learn more about how you can content market between the lines.

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Mix Up a Killer Content Marketing Cocktail

5 Crucial Ingredients for a Tremendous Content Marketing Strategy via Social Media Today

Sure, some recipes for content strategy are miles long, include dozens of questions to be answered, require a multitude of tools, and take a long time finish. Content strategy, however, doesn’t have to be so complicated.

In Social Media Today’s easy-to-digest infographic, they outline five essential ingredients. Like the perfect margerita, a great content strategy doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Check out the infographic to find out the crucial components of a content strategy.

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