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Thursday Trends 5/30/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

We, content marketers, might be our own unique type of human, but we are human, nevertheless. This means we make mistakes, we love gossiping, we enjoy maximizing resources, and we also like learning ideas from other humans who do the same things as us. In this edition of Thursday Trends, learn how to be a super human content marketer.

It’s a Perfect Match!

Why Social Media Publishing Must Live Within Your Content Marketing Vision via Skyword

If, like in many businesses, your social media experts and content marketers are still considered separate departments, then it’s time they start living like The Odd Couple. Despite their differences, these two belong working hand-in-hand because the content generated by your marketing team needs to be formatted for delivery across multiple channels — including those platforms affectionately categorized as social media.

If you don’t believe us or think it’s too much trouble to get them on the same page, then we recommend reading this article from Skyword which explains exactly why it’s essential that social media is a part of your content marketing strategy.

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Is Your Target Audience Easily Triggered?

7 Triggers That Make People Want to Share Your Content via Content Marketing Institute

Some researchers think people love gossiping because early humans shared valuable information in order to strengthen social bonds within or between groups. Regardless of the reason, this innate desire to share and spread the news has fueled the popularity of social media and can also be used to the benefit of content marketers and their marketing campaigns.

The trick, as outlined in this recent article from Content Marketing Institute, is to make your content something people feel compelled to share and (hopefully) have their bonds with other humans strengthened. Take a look at the full article to learn about seven content qualities that trigger people to spread content (hopefully yours).

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Is It Still Spying If You Don’t Have to Snoop?

Perfecting Your Content Marketing Strategy with a Competitive Analysis via WriterAccess

We’ve established that humans are a social species. In addition to sharing juicy bits of information, we also enjoy learning from each other by observing what other humans do, how they work, and how they think. Some call it observation. Others think of it as competitive analysis. I call it sleuthing. Whatever you choose to call it, your content strategy has a lot to gain from observing the marketing actions, choices, and results of your competition.

This recent article from WriterAccess outlines your mission in content marketing espionage and explains how you can use your expert observational skills and competitive analysis to perfect your own content marketing strategy.

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Will Humans Ever Be Perfect? Probably Not. Look Out for These Content Marketing Mistakes

Five Big Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them via Forbes

No matter how hard you work, how much time you spend on content marketing, how much talent you hire, and how much money you have to dedicate to content marketing tools, mistakes can be made. Although most people hate to admit it, we are only human, after all. Sometimes, however, we can avoid perilous mishaps by simply knowing what they are and learning from the past mistakes of others.

In this article, Forbes outlines some ways otherwise successful content marketing efforts can go wrong. These five major content marketing mistakes can take a winning content strategy and flush it down the toilet faster than you can say “Coriolis effect.” Take a look at the latest list of content marketing mistakes to make sure your strategy avoids these pitfalls.

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If You Intend to Go Around in Circles, You’re Not Lost

How to Repurpose Old Content to Boost Marketing Results via

Every savvy business person knows it’s prudent to make the most of the resources you already have. You know, a penny saved is a penny earned and all that jazzy wisdom. This sage advice isn’t just for cold hard cash; it applies to content, too!

In their article, highlights some of the best ways to go about repurposing your existing content, specifically to improve your overall content marketing results. Using their strategy and fresh ideas, you can renew, reuse, and recycle your way to increased conversions and skyrocketing revenue.

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