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Thursday Trends 4/18/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

In this Thursday Trends, use artificial intelligence to strengthen your marketing campaigns and stay relevant in 2019 with an evolving SEO strategy. Finally, learn how to justify the cost of content marketing to your superiors and make sure you choose a content strategy that truly works for you.


A.I. Is Always Listening: Find Out Why That’s a Good Thing

Alexa Can You Hear Me? Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence via WriterAccess

People across the world have seamlessly integrated artificial intelligence into their lives in one simple way: by welcoming a new member into the household, Alexa. Alexa is there for us when we run out of essentials, when we need an update on the weather, forget the lyrics to a song, or want to know how fast a Tyrannosaurus Rex could sprint. Alexa has perhaps the sharpest ears in our homes. All creepiness and practicality aside, the learning abilities of artificial intelligence are quite useful in content marketing.

This article from WriterAccess explores how artificial intelligence has improved several aspects of content marketing — from better understanding of customer pain points and the buying cycle to improving marketers’ ability to individualize experiences for customer personas within our target markets. Read the full article to find out how you can tap in to the limitless potential of artificial intelligence in content marketing.

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You Know It’s Worth It. Now, Tell It to the Purse Strings

Content Marketing: Justifying the Costs and Benefits to the C-Suite via Business 2 Community

As marketers, we focus on selling to our target markets, but before we are granted access to the precious funds necessary to develop and execute a content strategy, there’s one major sale we have to make first: our superiors.

In their article, Business 2 Community provides some smart advice about how best to convince your company’s c-suite of how the benefits of content marketing justify the means (time and money). To sell content marketing to your company, the article suggests creating a customer persona around your superiors, estimating an ROI, and much more. Check out the whole article to learn how to close the most important sale.

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Reach for the Stars, First Rank’s the Limit!

Evolving SEO Content Strategy: How to Achieve Higher Search Ranking in 2019 via Skyword

Search engines, artificial intelligence, technology, and consumers are constantly changing. To improve your search ranking within an ever-changing content marketing landscape, your keyword strategy should naturally evolve, too. Although it’s not always clear how to improve an SEO strategy, and it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, using the same keywords, same backlinks, and same concepts.

This recent article from Skyword provides timely advice, tailored to improving SEO in 2019. The article explains how the search engine landscape is evolving and what content marketers can do to stay abreast of the changes. Take a look at the full article to learn how to include voice searches, snippets, and more in your highly evolved content strategy.

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Are You Content Marketing Like a Journalist? You Had Better Be

Could a Study about 912 Million Blog Posts Be Wrong? We Put It to the Test via Content Marketing Institute

What do content marketing and journalism have in common? The absolutely necessity to verify every piece of information you come across. In journalism, these are newsworthy facts. In content marketing, they’re best practices. Just because you took the time to read up on tips, tricks, and market surveys doesn’t mean these best practices will work for you, your brand, your content strategy, or your audience. Best practices often only provide a healthy starting point from which you can fine-tune your content strategy based on your audience’s response.

This article from Content Marketing Institute demonstrates how they picked apart the best practices gleaned from a monumental study of data from nearly a billion blog posts. They discuss how they used the data as a starting point for their many, varied audiences and then modified the best practices to fit the behavior and desires of their market. Take a look at the full article to learn how you can apply market research, consumer data, and content marketing strategies to your own campaigns.

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