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Thursday Trends 3/7/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

This week, content marketing channels are all abuzz over video. That’s right, folks, moving pictures, talkies, popcorn, and stars. Roll out the red carpet because you’re about to learn why your content needs them, how best to use them, and how to make sure the right audience sees your miniature marketing marvels.

Whether you cook them up from scratch or convert old blogs into sparkling blog cinema, by this time next week, your content marketing could be the next video going viral.

Coming Soon to a Viewer Near You: Video Content Marketing

Content Creation Trends: Live Video is Coming Into its Power via WriterAccess

As quickly as technology changes, content marketing also evolves. 2019 is set to be a year full of changes and adaptations and new marketing trends. Namely, with the upsurge of video content marketing, particularly live video.

WriterAccess explains why live video works so well, but also points out how video (in general) can be used to capture unique aspects of content marketing and convey particular ideas that the written word simply cannot convey. They remind us, that the same goes for video, as not everything written can be effectively communicated on camera. Their article also provides helpful advice for cross-promoting video content with written content and vice versa.

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If You Film It, They Will Watch

5 Types of Video to Add to Your Social Media Marketing via Content Marketing Institute

Live video, in spite of its many powers, doesn’t hold the keys to cinema’s Content Marketing Kingdom; a diverse group of content marketing videos lives here, and you can use them all to reach the variety of individuals who inhabit your target market.

Thankfully, Content Marketing Institute introduces us to five key types of video, including live videos, along with some best practices when applying them to your content marketing strategy. They’ll help you understand how you can use these types of videos to reach your audience and help them connect with your brand, while avoiding common pitfalls along the way.

Is Vertical Video Really The Worst?

How Vertical Video Is Changing Content Marketing via CMS WiRE

Ugh. We all despise the familiar, unprofessional-looking black bars that sandwich vertical video…or at least we all used to. Today, lots of platforms have updated their code to more comfortably accommodate vertical video, making it increasingly pleasant to watch and also preventing you from having to hold your phone or tablet horizontally to view a horizontal video.

CMS WiRE confirms that consumers are beginning to accept, or possibly prefer, vertical video, pointing out that businesses adopting the use of vertical video have experienced increased engagement and brand awareness. They also explain why they believe vertical video is on the rise and point out which platforms have already been optimized for its use.

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These Video Mistakes Are The Worst

Creating Video Content for Social Media: The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid via Brightcove

It might be okay to start using vertical videos shot on your cell phone in content marketing, but there are still plenty of mistakes to be made.

Many thanks to Brightcove for pointing out some of the biggest video content marketing mistakes you can make on social media. They explain how avoiding these mistakes will ensure your content is seen and understood by your audience, as well as insightful and fully beneficial to you (regarding data and clicks). Learning about and avoiding these no-no’s will help you understand how to make the most of your video content marketing.

Pop the Corn and Start Making Sales

6 Types of Video Content That Can Boost Your Conversion Rates via Proof

You can film more hours of video than the Academy and write more pages than Stephen King, but if in the end, your content marketing doesn’t lead to conversions, then what’s the point?

Whether you’re after sales, clicks, or subscribers, Proof provides a list of the types of video content that are most effective when it comes to increasing conversion rates and backs their claims with actual numbers. Use these statistics and Proof’s advice to determine the best way to apply video to your content marketing strategy to get measurable results.

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