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Thursday Trends 3/14/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Sort content fact from marketing fiction to get a clear lens on what content marketing actually is to improve content strategy. Also, find out why outer and inner beauty are equal in the land of blogs and learn how to squeeze the most dollars and sense out of your content marketing resources by calculating ROI and creating content that works for you.

Lies, Lies, Lies? Yeah.

3 Myths in Content Marketing and How to Counter Them via Content Marketing Institute

Much of content marketing falls short. Why? One reason is that a lot of marketing and sales teams don’t have a clear definition of what content marketing actually is. Many assume it’s just a fancy term for advertising, but this definition falls short, too. As a result, marketing teams with no clear definition of content marketing are left, flailing, with no clear strategy or goal for their content. These mysteries have led to lies and myths about a non-existent definition of content marketing, what content marketing is, and how best to use it.

Content Marketing Institute has stepped in to put these myths and lies to rest, telling us in truth that there is a good definition for content marketing, how content performs greater functions than advertising alone, and the key ingredient you need to make your content marketing efforts successful. Set your suspicions aside and take a gander at these busted myths.

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Waste Not, Want Not: Is Your Content Marketing Cutting Holes in Your Pockets?

Are You Wasting Time and Money on Content Marketing? via CustomerThink

Burble, blabber, fluff, empty talk, hot air, and chatter. In content marketing, these words all mean one thing: wasted resources. Every penny and minute you spend on empty words to fill up your blog and publish consistently — without a viable content strategy — you waste money and time. Of course your content needs enough personality and pizzazz that an audience wants to read it, but it also needs to add value to your marketing campaigns.

The latest from CustomerThink demonstrates how to make the most of your marketing resources by tailoring content to your sales processes, conversion strategy, and customer journey. Rather than taking shots in the dark with your content strategy, this article provides tips for setting specific goals, creating content designed to meet those goals, and measuring your success.

Our Eyes Are Burning! Blog Design Can Make or Break Your Content

6 Blog Design Mistakes Ruining Your Content Marketing Strategy via Social Media Today

You dedicate valuable resources to ensure you have engaging, shareable, readable, informative, all-of-the-above content. Then, you work really hard to outline a publication schedule, gather readers, encourage clicks, and grow your audience. So, after all of this striving and careful planning, it would be a shame to lose readers to a simple cosmetic issue on your blog. But design issues build enormous walls between your audience and your well-tended garden of content.

Social Media Today published a spectacle of an infographic, which points out six of the most common design flaws that will have readers abandoning your blog before they even get a taste of your content. Take a gander at your content on different devices to make sure you’re displaying cosmetic content marketing perfection.

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Do You Have a Prize Pig? See How Your Content Weighs In

How to Measure Success in a Digital World Driven by Likes, Share, and Viral Potential via WriterAccess

You wrote a great blog, filmed a funny video, or found the perfect snapshot and posted it. Now, you can walk away and never think about it again, right? Wrong. When you’re dedicating time, money, and valuable brainpower to content marketing, you need a way to measure your return on investment.

That’s exactly what WriterAccess teaches you how to do in this article that explores ROI, content marketing, and the value in learning how to measure investments in a digital, clickable world. Find out whether your next viral video is more liable to catch on like the common cold or like pirate shirts.

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