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Thursday Trends 2/28/19

What Content Marketers are Buzzing About This Week

Get more eyes on your content – and more engagement – by creating eyeball-worthy content, effectively using visuals, and executing the best practices of content writing. Also, learn how to make one blog multiply into a whole month’s worth of content, and eight big brand content marketing fails that will haunt your dreams.

After this Thursday Trends, never again will your content be unworthy.

Lend Me Your Eyeballs, and My Content Will Astound You

3 Tips for Eyeball-Worthy Content via Content Marketing Institute
The painful truth is that your most incredible content is only as valuable as the number of eyeballs that view it (divided by two, of course). And, it doesn’t matter how many eyeballs see your content if it isn’t worthy of them in the first place.

Kudos to Content Marketing Institute for providing such detailed insight into the three foundations of any great content that engages viewers. And they don’t just stop there. Each tip is backed by research and compelling brand examples that demonstrate how to create meaningful connections with your audience.


Ouch. Content Marketing Fails That Were So Painful

And Then There Were None: 8 Content Marketing FAILS via Writer Access
There’s nothing more painful, for both marketers and eyeballs, than investing time and money in a campaign only to witness it crash and burn. Indeed, there are valuable lessons to be learned from any failure, but wouldn’t it be better to learn from someone else’s failures and steer clear of their mistakes?

Thank you, Writer Access, for not failing to present us with no less than eight major content marketing bombs from big brands like Apple and Levi’s. These content marketing goofs will make you cringe – and be grateful you read them here first.


Go Forth and Multiply…Your Content

How to Turn a Single Blog Post Into a Month’s Worth of Content Marketing via Inc.
After you’ve worked hard on crafting brilliant content, the last thing you want is for all that work to be done with and await its fate in the content graveyard. Instead, wouldn’t it be incredible if that content could multiply into marketing that keeps on giving?

In this article, Inc. provides a brief but useful guide of seven practical tips for breathing new life into a blog post once it’s been published. Additionally, this piece offers excellent suggestions for re-purposing the same content for fresh newsletters, infographics, tutorial videos, and live videos on social media. Breathe, content, breathe!

Envision Your Content With Stunning Visuals

7 Tips for Using Visual Content Marketing via SocialMediaToday

Research shows that content with visuals has dramatically higher click-through-rates, traffic, views, shares, re-tweets, engagement, and comments. That’s a whole lot of motivation to learn how to use visuals to skyrocket your content’s ROI.

SocialMediaToday has pulled together a fantastic list here of seven strategies for using visuals to add power to your content. Backed by statistics, this article offers invaluable insight into choosing the best images, creating infographics, optimizing for SEO, and useful tips for social media sharing for the most significant impact.

Is Your Content is Naughty or Nice? Check This List Twice

11 Content Writing Best Practices via Vertical Measures
With more eyeballs on your work, it’s even more critical to use the best writing practices when you create content. In this article, Vertical Measures provides a mini-course on content writing best practices for beginner to experienced content marketers alike.

This don’t-miss guide covers every detail from how to develop buyer personas to using statistics and attributions correctly. It also details the research that determines exactly how long blog posts should be, appealing formatting, searchable keywords, compelling headlines, and crafting killer call-to-actions. Also included is a super handy checklist that content editors can’t do without.



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